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  • Email of the Week

    I was chatting with a friend the other day about 100 Things and he asked me if I knew how far reaching it was. My answer was short and sharp; 'Not really'. I've never been one for details! Of course when giving a keynote presentation or dealing with people directly the feedback is always complimentary...Read More

  • 100 Things Turns 5 Years Old!!

    Five years ago today I made the decision to step away from everything that I knew and take a leap into the unknown. Carrying a small backpack and a handwritten list of 100 things that I wanted to achieve, I boarded a plane and flew overseas. With little money and no idea what would unfold,...Read More

  • #44- Represent a Country at Something

    As you may know, Number 44 on my list is to represent a country at ‘something’. A challenge made even harder by the fact that I’m completely average at everything, I’ve turned to my Mauritian passport (thanks Mum!) as a possible way forward. Last year I flew to Mauritius with the intention of finding a...Read More

  • Number 48- Act in a Play... Just landed in Vegas!

    I sit here in the New New York Casino in Las Vegas, just a moment away from completing one of the more bizarre and spontaneous items from my list- Number 48- Be in a Play. Which play? Cirque du Soleil. What is my costume? A pair of underwear!? It’s incredible how some goals come about...Read More

  • Meet the 100 Things Inca Challenge Team!

    The 100 Things group trip to Machu Picchu is happening on August 22nd 2014 and we can't wait! Opening up the trip to anyone and everyone who had Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail on their lists (or anyone really who wanted to have some fun!), strangers from all over the country have come together...Read More