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  • Helping James- a Brave Boy with a Dream

    There are times in my life where i’m struck with such an instant shot of purpose that I can’t help but drop everything else around me simply so that I can throw 100% of my energy at what’s in front of me. This feeling is why i’m writing now and it’s driven by the bravery...Read More

  • Live 100 Things 'What's on your list' Art Installation- November 1st in Manly, Sydney

    For those who have been to any of my private 100 Things events, you may recall seeing (or using!) any one of a number of large canvases adorning the wall with one simple question scribed across the middle; 'What’s on your list?' The idea here has always been centred around my belief that the first...Read More

  • 2 Weeks in Europe Comes to an End

    The Ultimate Treadmill Challenge Fundraising Update As you know, three weeks ago we once again ran the Ultimate Treadmill Challenge. With a series of 16 treadmills running for an entire 24 hour period, the challenge was simple; get as many people to come down and help us run/walk whilst of course raising money for Alzhemiers...Read More

  • What does Machu Picchu, a Treadmill, Alzheimers and an London Guard Have in Common?

    Sitting on a plane heading from Australia to England I finally find some time to sit down and reflect on what has been an incredible, busy and rewarding last 4 weeks. Not that it was ever a secret but i’m so proud to say that 100 Things is growing into something incredibly special and right...Read More

  • 100 Things Hits Europe this September! Join me :)

    This is a call-out to anyone in Europe! As you may or may not know, one of the many unplanned developments of 100 Things is that I now find myself frequently being invited onto stages around the world to share my story and insights into pursuing a life of meaning. Never taking this for granted...Read More