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  • September 1st: The Today Show

    Firstly today I want to say a big thanks to the Today Show and everyone involved in this morning’s interview! It was a lot of fun and any opportunity I get to spread the good vibes of 100 Things is something I value immensely so you won’t be able to take this smile off my...Read More

  • $10,000 to Make-A-Wish Donation & an Awesome Brand Relationship 

    The Background: You may have noticed that the last few spots on my own list of 100 Things are labelled as ‘For Sale on Behalf of Chosen Charity’. The idea here is that YOU can actually decide what this blank spot on my list becomes by making a generous donation to my chosen charity, which...Read More

  • 100 Things Turns 6 Years Old Today!

    Six years ago today I boarded a plane armed with a backpack and a list of 100 things. Little did I know that my own personal pursuit of happiness would lead to what is now a movement of positivity that affects people globally. Number 82- Hitch Hike Across the USA- One of my first items...Read More

  • Number 4- $100,000 raised for Alzheimers Australia!!

    Two years ago when I proudly ticked off Number 4 from my list- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality, I quickly decided that there was no good reason to stop raising needed funds for charity and so I elected to set myself the challenge of raising a second $100,000 amount for Alzheimers Australia. Not many people...Read More

  • UPDATE: Helping James with Make-A-Wish Australia!

    You may remember a few months ago I met a brave bloke called James who was battling with Leukaemia (see video below). A great guy who has been through a lot of late, James is in an inspiration in many ways. Well in conjunction with becoming an ambassador for Make-A-Wish Australia we decided that we...Read More