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  • 100 Things & Make-A-Wish Unite!

    It’s amazing to see just how positive a role 100 Things now plays in promoting and engaging support for charitable causes and so it’s with a big smile that I can now announce the next development of this charitable arm. I have just been invited to become an ambassador the Make-A-Wish foundation! I couldn't be...Read More

  • Beyond 100- Helping People Help People

    Have you ever wanted to help a complete stranger but not known how to? Do you read stories of acts of kindness and wish that you too were able to do something special for someone, no matter how big or small? Or perhaps you are someone in need of a helping hand? If so, the...Read More

  • The 100 Things Public Talk Comes to Perth!

    And it’s all the name of Azheimers Australia Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to share my 100 Things keynote presentation with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Mainly booked for corporate and private events, it was early last year that I decided to put on 3 public events in Sydney,...Read More

  • 2015- The Year of You

    Let’s celebrate and clap out 2014; the year that was. Show gratitude for all that’s passed and treat each passed moment as a lesson. Done? Awesome. Now let’s focus on the things that we can control; the future.     2015- A Sailing Analogy? Now on the brink of 2015, it’s time to dust off our...Read More

  • Merry Christmas and Thanks for your Support!

    With most people wrapping up for the end of the year, I thought I’d take a moment to wish everyone an awesome festive season and also to say thanks for all of your support for 100 Things this year. 2014 has been another incredible year of growth for this journey and I sit here typing...Read More