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My List
  1. Learn Qenya

    Elvish language from Lord of the Rings

  2. Master Getting-Things-Done

  3. Read the World Library list of 100 Best Books of All Time


  4. Get a Tattoo in Tengwar/Qenya

  5. Establish a YouTube Channel


  6. Reach a 2000 ELO Rating in Chess

  7. Play a Chess Master

  8. Learn to Play Go Better than a Computer

  9. Increase my Circle of Friends by an Order of Magnitude

  10. Design and Build a Gingerbread Castle

    Enter a description

  11. Create a Board Game from Scratch

  12. Participate in NaNoWriMo

  13. Publish a Book

  14. See the Aurora

  15. Feed a Lion

  16. Learn to Draw

  17. Get a (Non-Evil) Patent

  18. Teach a Class

  19. Spend a Week in Perpetual Light/Dark

  20. Ride in Matthew Inmans Tesla Model S


  21. Get Paid for Photography

  22. Establish an Event

  23. Learn to Walk on my Hands

  24. Go Ballooning over France

  25. Play Paintball

  26. Hold a Cocktail Party for 50+ People

  27. Create my own Business Cards, Just Because

  28. Present at a Conference

  29. Start a Company

  30. Run a 10K under 45 minutes

  31. Visit All The Continents

  32. Colour my Hair Blue for a Month

  33. Witness an Eclipse First-Hand

  34. Take a Holiday by Getting on a Random Flight

  35. Play Laser-Tag

  36. Bowl a Perfect Game

  37. Stand Under a Natural Waterfall

  38. Live in a Castle for a Month

  39. Create an Optical Illusion

  40. Visit all 15 Incredible Libraries around the World


  41. Create a Book of Ice Cream Recipes


  42. Reach my Weight/Body-Fat Targets

    Currently 75-77kg with 15-17%

  43. Become an Adventurer

  44. Learn ASP.NET MVC / JavaScript

  45. Define my Own Style

  46. Photograph 50 Capitals I have Never Been Before

  47. Meet Another “Jeroen van Leeuwen”

  48. Get an Erdos-Bacon Number

  49. Surprise All my Friends

  50. Have a Beach Bonfire Party

  51. Go Star-Gazing outside the Light Pollution of the City

  52. Be a Vegetarian For a Month

  53. Fly First Class

  54. Cosplay

  55. Get Followed by a Celebrity

  56. Mine Something Valuable by Hand

  57. Visit New York for Christmas

  58. Go to a Comedy Festival

  59. Attend Carnival in Rio

  60. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans

  61. Sleep in a Tree

  62. Stand on a Volcano

  63. Invent a Cocktail

  64. Circumnavigate Australia

  65. Create a Blogging Platform to Suit my Needs

  66. Get Invited to Something by a Celebrity

  67. Help Someone Else Complete a Life Goal

  68. Get Something Retweeted 1000 Times

  69. Yarn-Bomb a Famous Landmark

  70. Devise a Comprehensive System for Remote Working

  71. Get Reviewed in a Publication for Something

  72. Visit the Sites of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

  73. Visit a List of Seven Wonders that Still Exists Intact


  74. Drive a Ferrari

  75. Appear on the Front-Page of Reddit

  76. Prepare a Full Course Dinner for a Group of Friends

  77. Create Street Art

  78. Become Influential (Ideally in Science)

  79. Make Strangers Smile

  80. Build My Own House

  81. Buy Modernist Cuisine and Cook From It

  82. Find the Science in Management and Write It Down

    http://jerryjvl.com/2013/08/25/link-triage-serious-links/ http://boingboing.net/2013/04/29/how-much-time-should-you-spend.html http://jerryjvl.com/2013/09/05/day-51-fractional-resource-plan/ http://jerryjvl.com/2013/11/26/day-133-surprising-jobs-and-dice/

  83. Have a Play Performed

  84. Create a Non-Intrusive Social Network System

  85. Reach a Full Forward Fold

  86. Visit the Sagrada Familia

  87. Learn to Juggle 5 Balls

  88. Learn to Play 3 Instruments

  89. Present at TED

  90. Attend a Major Music Festival

  91. Own a First Edition of a Classic

  92. Own a Trampoline

  93. Get Interviewed on Television

  94. See Avenue Q Live

  95. Solve a Murder Mystery

  96. Get Recognised by a Stranger

  97. Discover Something Nobody Knows

  98. Run for Office

  99. Take a Ride in a Helicopter

  100. Reveal All My Secrets

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Reveal All My Secrets

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Take a Ride in a Helicopter

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Run for Office

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Discover Something Nobody Knows

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Get Recognised by a Stranger

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Solve a Murder Mystery

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See Avenue Q

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Get Interviewed on Television