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Nothing new, Justin Bieber was being carried up The Gt Wall of China last time I saw him!!, […] View
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    Hi there everyone, First of all I want to say thanks for looking at my dream, I truly belieb (oaps, where did that word come from?), I truly believe everyone should have dreams and that’s why I think the 100 things set up by the amazing Seb is so great! and also why the person who I dream of meeting is so great too!!. My name is Shameme Adams and I am a girl who lives in Northern England. Sadly, despite such a positive outlook, I’m afraid it’s not all smiles, I suffer from a serious illness and my only chance is if I can raise enough to have a life-saving operation in America. I am currently in the process of this but I have really been to hell and back as the illness I have causes pain and the most dreadful chest infections , in the past I have had Pleurisy and Pneumonia and been at deaths door but a positive attitude has always got me through. I can’t tell you when I began to notice the AMAZING Justin Bieber but I just know I did and, since that day, it has changed my life. I really adore him, he’s taught me to stay strong, keep ahead, believe in my dreams, NEVER give up, be proud of who I am and…..#NeverSayNever. I’ve watched him so many times on YouTube and my greatest wish in this world is to be-able to meet him in person. So I am imploring anyone out there with connections to PLEASE help me. If only you could see me, I am a lovely girl and do things for other people all the time. Any of my friends would tell you this….and just what a “Belieber” I am!! ha ha (I talk about Justin a lot)!. My greatest fear is to die without ever meeting Justin and I beg you not to let this happen. That exceptional young man has and continues to inspire me with messages like #BELIEVE, DreamBIG and the ever famous #NEVERSAYNEVER and I do all 3 of them all the time now!!-that’s why I’m here!. If a boy like Justin who was poor and from a small town in Canada can make it BIG then maybe I can meet him!!, why not!. Thanks for reading and hope my dream comes true and before I go just remember whoever you are always #BELIEVE. Shameme x

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Shameme posted an update 5 years, 9 months ago

Nothing new, Justin Bieber was being carried up The Gt Wall of China last time I saw him!!,…[Read more]

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Such a sad story but I bet you anything his positive attitude gets him through!. I also have a…[Read more]