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  1. Greet 10 Friends Creatively on Their Birthday

    Create a poem or a very special message to someone on his/her birthday, whether someone close, or someone I’ve just met. Make it special and make it as real as possible.

  2. Use My Picture as a Meme

    Using a meme generator, use my own picture, create a meme and post it on someone’s timeline, or use it as a comment.

  3. Hug 20 People in One Day — And Capture That Moment!

    Hug anyone and capture a selfie. The wackier, the better!

  4. Help Anyone for a Day — FOR FREE!

    Whether it be cleaning, feeding a pet or fixing something, help with a smile and do it for free.

  5. Shake Hands with Someone Important

    Meet someone important and shake hands with him/her.

  6. Do Nothing For A Day

    Do nothing productive for a day: stay indoors.

  7. Watch A Concert

    Watch a concert and capture every single moment of it.

  8. Smile and Stay Calm For A Whole Day

    Stay positive for a day. Spread love and good vibes!

  9. Reconnect with Someone

    Reconnect with someone I have never talked to for a long time! Chat/Text/Talk with him/her.

  10. Take a Hundred Selfies

    Take 100 selfies and upload them. Create a collage as the album cover. :)

  11. Go To An Adventure Trip

    An adventure trip in the mountains, or a tourist place. The more exciting the place is, the better!

  12. Eat Out in a Fancy Restaurant

    Eat out in a fancy restaurant with someone or alone. Savour the goodness of fine dining and eat the specialty of the house!

  13. Win A Contest

    Win anything in a contest.

  14. Finish Your Studies

    Earn a diploma and move on to a new chapter… :)

  15. Compose Songs

    Compose 18 songs of different feels and compile them into one album.

  16. Write a Novel

    Write a novel. Fictional or based on real life.

  17. Go Camping

    Camp and enjoy the great outdoors!

  18. Adopt a Pet

    Adopt any kind of animal as a pet. Take care of it and love it and everything… :)

  19. Create a Fansign Collage

    Create a fansign collage from my 15+ friends and post it online.

  20. Become An Inspiration

    Inspire another person. Make him/her realize that he/she is not alone… :)

  21. Sleep Early, Wake Up Early

    See if I can return my body clock to normal… ;)

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Whoa! I need to complete my list!

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Sleep Early, Wake Up Early

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Become An Inspiration

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What would really make me happy? I really do not have an idea!

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Whoa! My list is growing! Will I ever finish these?

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Create a Fansign Collage

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Adopt a Pet