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  1. Climb a Glacier

     Fox Glacier in the South Island of New Zealand.  ~Climb a Glacier – DONE! Picture just does not do it justice.~

  2. Catch a Snowflake

  3. Do The Worlds Greatest Shave

  4. Play on a Trapeze

    So Trisha & I got to do a Trapeze Class at Homebush.Not sure if you can view the video but we strapped my camera to Trisha’s head so we could show everyone how much fun we had – I was a little worse for wear but had a great day.~ Play on a Trapeze. Done. Got to join the circus for the day :) ~

  5. Get My Motorbike Licence

    This is from getting my permit so I am happy to live with a half tick for this one. ~ Get my Motorbike Licence. Yeahhh not so much ~

  6. Live in Another Country

    In January of 2007 I moved to Stockholm to be a nanny to 3 children. They were 3 months, 3 & 7. I had a great time, we lived in the city, went to London for Easter, New York, Chicago & Madrid. Then in July I moved to London because I wasn’t ready to come home.I email a lady that I had gone to school with, that I never really spoke to and hadn’t seen in 6+ years.I got off my plane, trained it to her work, she gave me keys and a map to her house and I slept on her floor for 4 nights until I got the phone call that changed my life. “Would you like to work at a Walkabout?” Yep ~ I’m a Walkabout chick and dam proud of it.  I had an instant family, friends and a job and they were some of the best times I’ve ever had.You could even say I love them so much i’d drive 17 hours to Adelaide and 27 hours back to Sydney to see one of them~ Live in Another Country. Done. Twice. Changed my life.~ …and then I moved to Melbourne, but that doesn’t really count :p

  7. Film my Tropfest idea

  8. Go to Vegas

    Lucky me I got to go twice, and for free. I won a $40,000 all expenses paid Adventure Holiday around the USA in 2006. We (9 other strangers and I) got to go horse riding with cowboys in Arizona, The Grand Canyon, sky diving, private planes, Hummers, Hummer Limos, Monument Valley, rock climbing along the Colorado River, jeeping in Utah, stayed in  the Ballagio for 3 days, Circus De Soleil, Sand dune buggies in the Nevada desert, snow mobilling in Colorado, snow boarding in Vail, I think thats it……and that was in 8 days – ohhh and business class to and from :)  Then I went and explore the rest of the west coast – but that’s a different story. ~Visit Vegas ~ Done. Everything is bigger in America.~     

  9. Climb the Empire State Building

    I was lucky enough to be take to New York by my employers when I was a nanny in Sweden.Such an amazing city. ~ Climb the Empire State Building ~ Done. Just like the movies ~

  10. Participate in the City to Surf

    ~ Participate in the City to Surf ~ Firstly – I have been very concerned by this challenge. I have been trying to train around hyde park the last few weeks with not much success.However, yesterday we all supported each other and were able to complete something that I didn’t think I would ever do – that’s what its all about right? Huge love for the 100 Things Team. ~ Not only participate but complete the City to Surf. Done. Couldn’t of done it without my bunny <3 ~

  11. Go to Oktoberfest

  12. See Elton john Live

  13. Meet Sebastian Terry

    After reading ’100 Things’ how can you not want to meet this guy. Everyone that has met him has nothing but nice, genuine things to say about him and it isn’t often you get to meet someone that is making a difference.I don’t know Sebastian but I love my autographed book and proud to spread the word of his great work. ~ Meet Sebastian Terry ~ Done. Everyone was right.~  

  14. Solo Roadtrip

    Solo Road Trip =1,644 km So being half kiwi, it had to be done. After visiting the family in the North Island I flew into Christchurch and picked up my camper van. I had ten days, alone and 1 day to make friends to share my birthday with. My stargazing tour was cancelled because of the clouds but after mentioning to my waitress in this little cafe that it was my 27th birthday the following day I was serenaded by 3 waitresses with a cupcake & a candle. (So cute) I woke up on my birthday to snow.  In one of the prettiest little towns in the South Island. I was stoked – My birthday was going to be a great day!! Then I discovered the love hate relationship one has with snow chains. About 4 hours later, while putting the chains on for a 4th time (By the way – I don’t hate many things in life, actually I can’t think of one thing I hate more than snow chains) – I finally made some friends roadside. We followed each other the rest of the way to Queenstown and they pretended to be my besties to make my night special. <3 Snowboarding, tattoos and 1 amazing Ferg Burger later I continued my adventure. Haast Beach : Lake Wanaka : Lake MathesonFox Glacier is it to tick another item off the list- #1 – So very cool! So very scary….. and pictures just do not do it justice. So after eight days of checking into hot springs for the showers, making friends for help with washing and being in complete awe of Mother Natures handiwork – I headed to Christchurch to see what happens when she’s not in a good mood ~ I remember coming around the bend of a mountain, about 2 hours into my drive and I actually swore out loud when I realised where I was and had a glimpse of what I was heading into – I did the same thing, but constantly, and for a completely different reason while looking around Christchurch.  So sad.~ Solo Road Trip ~ Done. Definitely a learning experience.~

  15. Hogmanay in Edinburgh for New Years

    Time Square for New Years and Falls have been on the possible destinations for New Years Eve but while in London I found out that Times Square is a dry zone.  So the dream of watching the little ball drop was easily let go and the craziness of the Scottish soon took over.~ Hogmanay in Edinburgh for New Years. Done. (They have some very interesting traditions).~

  16. Bangkok – Hangover style

    So I finally made it to South East Asia. A 3 week trip from Ho Chi Minh city to Phuket. Made friends, played with tigers and elephants, bit of history here and there and some sun. So great experience all up. SKY BAR – Bangkok

  17. Go Hot Air Ballooning

    Easter long weekend in the Hunter Valley ~ Hot Air Ballooning ~ Done! (Got to walk around inside the balloon after ~ Very cool! (Glad we did it after thou)

  18. Go on the ride that Mum wanted to go on in Disneyland

    Mum and I went to Disneyland in 1993 I think it was. I was 8 and we spent a couple of days exploring.  I don’t remember much of the holiday (only whats on our VHS holiday videos) but I know I wouldn’t go on the only ride Mum wanted to cause I was scared ~ Space Mountain.Mum passed away about a year later of Cancer so when I went back to Disneyland when I was 22, I knew what I had to do :) ~ Go on the ride that Mum wanted to go on in Disneyland. Done. AND I WAS TERRIFIED!!! but one of my favourite ticks. <3 ~

  19. Donate my amazing O- blood 50+ times

  20. Visit Pompeii

    I studied Ancient Rome for my higher school certificate so I know way too much about early roman architecture than I know what to do with and because we booked ANZAC day in Turkey early I got a free 9 Day Amalfi Coast which so happen to go past #19 on my list – Pompeii.  ~ Visit Pompeii ~ Done. Way too may brothels ~  

  21. Attend Falls Festival in Lorne

    SYD > MEL > ADL > SYD =3,332 km I lived in London for a year and a half and never went to a music festival!! What is wrong with me! I had heard great things about Falls Festival and if no one was going to come with me – then…. I guess…… SOLO ROAD TRIP #2. Stayed over at Sanctuary Point at a friends holiday house for Boxing Day and then did the 11 hour drive to Melbourne (I drive a Sirion before you ask – Why 11 hours?) Headed out to Geelong for the night ~ I have stayed in some dodgy place, but I refuse to speak of this evening. Front gates at 7am to get into Falls :) Happy Camper. Here’s an idea how we spent the next 4 days & who we saw (We being 16,000 people…Was soooooo excited to See Peter Combe!) Then on the morning of the 1st, even thou I was boxed in by about 10,000 cars, my little Sirion and I slipped out before the party goers woke up and I don’t know why, but i decided to drive to Adelaide. 01/01/2012 First time I climbed a Light house, saw the 12 Apostles, first time I’ve has Surf”n’Turf, slept in a gaolSay hi to James for me! - Not a bad way to start the New Year. Got to Adelaide and played for the next 4 days with my housemate from London – Nick.  Reason this is important, beside the obvious (Nick ~ I frign love your face) I found a little book in Nicks loungeroom -’100 Things’ by Sebastian Terry – and so it began…. Then I drove for a very long time home. ~Falls Festival ~ Done. Great times.~

  22. Make a Patchwork Quilt

    ~ Make a Patchwork Quilt ~

  23. Visit Alcatraz

    ~ Visit Alcatraz. Done. You have to do the night tour thou!!~

  24. See the Foo Fighters Live

    Waiting 12 hours in line will get you pictures like this…

    Picture 1 : Picture 2 : Picture 3 : Picture 4I do not need to explain this one, AND I made it into the film clip - 3:46 :) ~See the Foo Fighters Live – EPIC!~

  25. Go Snowboarding

    Queenstown, N.Z. ~ 2011

    Mount Buller, VIC ~ 2010

    Jindabyne, N.S.W ~ 2009

    Vail, Colorado ~ 2005

    ~ Go Snowboarding. Done. I really need to learn how to stop. ~

  26. Research My Family Tree

    After 3 years of research my Family Tree is coming along nicely.I have a few more bits and pieces to add but will put some pictures up when it’s all done.~ Research my Family Tree. Done. Who would of thought I was Danish! ~

  27. Dress up Like a Geisha

    Back in ’78 – My Mum not only a contender for ‘Sydney’s Prettiest Barmaid’ – but she also won Miss Asia -NOT BAD FOR A KIWI!She’s got these pretty pictures of herself wearing a gold cheongsam, so while I was in Kyoto, Japan it was my top priority.Not as graceful as my Mother but still a tick.~Dress up like a Geisha – Done – So much padding under that thing!~

  28. Watch the sun set over water

    Newquay – 2008Adelaide – 2012~ Watch the sun set over water. Done. Now you don’t get to see that everyday. ~

  29. Visit the 9/11 Memorial Site

    ~ Visit the 9/11 Memorial Site.~

  30. Explore the Great Wall of China

    After being made redundant in Melbourne I headed for an adventure in asia.How can you not want to see one of the ancient wonders of the world?~ Explore the Great Wall of China. Done. The man hours in that structure is unbelievable~

  31. Refilm a music video

    Item Description

  32. Hold a Monkey

    In my research for interesting things to do while in Japan, I stumbled across this YouTube clip and this one.I walked around lost in Utsunomiya, Tokyo for about an hour,A Japanese lady walked with me for another hour to help me try and find the restaurant (Japanese people are so friendly, they will go so far out of their way to help you),Made friends with an older Japanese lady while I waited out the front for it to open,I was the only customer so I got to cuddle ‘Treasure’ for about an hour and play with the larger ones.The older Japanese lady ended up having dinner with me but she couldn’t speak english and obviously my Japanese is a little rusty – so dinner conversation was interesting.Then after dinner and a 10 minute game of charades I realised she was offering me a lift to the train station (Which I kindly accepted because I was so lost) Her husband picked us up and in the car she was singing english songs and asked me what this song meant. Try explaining that with charades….pretty funny.~Hold a Monkey ~ Done. A very random evening, even without holding Treasure~

  33. Visit Mum’s Lake

    ~ Visit Mum’s Lake ~

  34. Visit the Northern Territory

    Item Description

  35. That thing that I’ve been meaning to do

    Item Description

  36. Go to Paintball

    Done & done.  

  37. Visit Auschwitz

    We went in 2008~ Visit Auschwitz – The hair there is one of the strangest sights I have ever seen.~

  38. Swim with the Dolphins

    Item Description

  39. Go to the Melbourne Cup

    One of the smartest things I have ever done ~ wear thongs to the Melbourne Cup.It was so hot and there is no where to sit or any shade at that racecourse so I had an AMAZING day! ~ Go to The Melbourne Cup – Has to be done! Done ~

  40. Brew and bottle my own beer

    Item Description

  41. Go on Safari in Africa

    Item Description

  42. Reproduce

    Item Description

  43. Do the Harbour Bridge Climb

     So my Bridge Climb was a special one. Reza and I had been planning for a quite a few months to surprise Gemma. They actually arrived at 7am that  morning from the UK, so after a long day of sight seeing, and me trying to keep conversation flowing because Reza went all quiet the closer to the evening it got – they got engaged in the middle of the bridge :)  ~ Do the Bridge Climb ~Done. Amazing!! So happy for you guys! ~ <3 <3 <3  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3  <3 <3 <3

  44. La Tomatina

    How could you not want to travel to a distant country, sleep in tents with randoms, drink sangria for 3 days before having a massive food fight with strangers!Epic!~ La Tomatina – I found seeds in my hair for daaaaaays! ~ Done! ~

  45. Attend ANZAC Day in Gallipoli

  46. ”When we go to Morocco, I think we should have completely different names and be completely different people.”

    Item Description

  47. Fire a Gun

    Dad’s an ex-policeman so had to give it a go. ~Fire a Gun ~ Done. Got to do it in the dark to see the sparks!~

  48. Play with an elephant

    Well I am not exactly sure how much ‘playing’ you can do with an elephant but I had an amazing two days at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand – Highly recommended.

  49. Shear a Sheep

    Item Description

  50. Participate in a Flash Mob

    Item Description

  51. Volunteer

    Item Description

  52. Adopt a Pound Puppy

    Item Description

  53. Visit India

    Item Description

  54. Get a Bullseye

    Item Description

  55. Make a ’Coffee Table Book’

    Item Description

  56. Visit the Terracotta Warriors

    In 2009 I travelled to Japan, Korea and China.The Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an have always interested me and have been on my list for a few years so off to Xi’an I went.

  57. Make a working prototype of my amazing invention

    Item Description


    Item Description

  59. Go blonde

    Item Description

  60. Be a Bridesmaid

    Item Description

  61. Take a Stain Glass Window class

    Item Description

  62. Finish a rubix cube in under 3 minutes

    Item Description

  63. Rocky the Philly Steps

    Item Description

  64. Have a photo published

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