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  1. Do an Ironman Triathlon

    Train for and complete an Ironman Triathlon

  2. Hike the Appalachian Trail

    Hike the entire Appalachian Trail in one season (4 to 6 month commitment)

  3. Bicycle across the country

    Cycle from the east coast (Maine or Massachusetts) across the country to Oregon, then down the California coast)

  4. Century bike rides

    Enter and finish a century bike ride within time limits (less than 10 hours)

  5. Pan-Mass Challenge

    Sign up for and raise money for the Pan-Mass Challenge. Ride the Pan-Mass Challenge – the 180-mile, two-day long course.

  6. Learn to Moonwalk

    Learn how to do the Moonwalk

  7. Learn to Unicycle

    I have a unicycle and have worked at it a few times (a couple of years ago). I will eventually get this but I need to work at it more.

  8. Learn to Juggle

    I have tried juggling in the past and have gotten up to two items, and occasionally a few passes with three. Need to work on that more and improve until it really looks like juggling.

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Learn to Juggle

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Learn to Unicycle

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Learn to Moonwalk

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Pan-Mass Challenge

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Century bike rides

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Bicycle across the country