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    1. skydive once and have the option do it again! 2. Go on a couple retreat 3. SCUBA the Galapagos 4. Yosemite 5. Go to Madisons nursing graduation 6. Build a water feature 7. Take a 1 night painting and wine class 8. Climb Pikes Peak in a day 9. Strawberry fields hot springs at night 10. Take 5 day Caribbean sailboat trip 11. Fly a plan, but dont become a pilot 12. Join a hiking club 13. Witness the Auror Borealis in Iceland 14. Play 3 songs in an open mic night 15. Bring my dancing girls to Fantasy Fest in Key West 16. Learn to fly fish 17. Take Big A on a 5 day canoe trip 18. Take Alaska canoe trip 19. Raft through Grand Canyon. 20. Visit Germany 21. Complete Angel’s landing trail in Zion 22. Plant flower garden full of snapdragons in memory of my father 23. Go on a boat ride with Lori’s dad.

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