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  1. Take charge of health to enable quality of life while and if I can.

    Stop seeing crazy neurologist who lacks people skills and be more assertive to gain quality of life

  2. Fly Over Antarctica


    Fly over Antarctica with my man

  3. Publish a family cookbook for my beautiful daughters


    This is high on my list because “medical” diets, not diets we have “chosen” to be on like diabetes type one, coeliac disease, fructose disease, lactose intolerance and FODMAP Diets are a part of all our lives. Before I was sick I worked so hard at making recipes work for us, old fashioned recipes from nanna’s and family members that I eventually after many trials adapted so they tasted scrumptious.I need to be able to have this book compiled and printed in hard cover, as a legacy for my family, and their children if they have any down the track. I am finding it really hard to do. I have all my recipes at the ready, tried various web sites that offer this service with their downloadable stuff, but none really work. You see with my neurological problem, I become forgetful, I find things difficult to do, and this is so important to me, it is really worrying me. Think maybe I do in Word, then transfer to another file, and then try to publish….but how, I have no idea. Only want a few copies for my gorgeous daughters who have supported us so much through the years.   Humungous thanks to Hazel who volunteered to help me achieve this … You have no idea Hazel how much My family and I appreciate your time, patience amd generosity – thank you

  4. Gluten Free Frozen Feed that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and a head!

    I am unable to cook, and hubby, just can’t learn this skill given his age and health. I have lost 22 kilos over a few months and hubby about 5 since he took over caring for me. That tells me we aren’t eating properly, so how do I do this? I know there are some organisations out there, and I tried one, and we were as sick as dogs, as what they said was gluten free wasn’t.Such a shame when people don’t understand the importance of the coeliac diet, and presume it to be a fad diet.

  5. Always remember and thank and appreciate those who care….

    Always and never take for granted my loving family and friends who care so much for us by the little things they do. When one is ill, one learns who one’s friends are, and quickly who one’s friend’s aren’t. I do NOT ever want to forget those who have stuck by us during this time – I promise I will thank them whenever I see them, and never take them for granted.

  6. Please let my husband be accepted on the trial islet cell transplant program to help him lead a completely different life

    Acceptance into this program would change my hubby’s life, making his levels stable, he would gain more energy, and be able to live his life more fully.He never complains, he always tries so hard to keep up and do what everyone else is doing, and no one really understands how hard it is for him hour by hour.I truly hope he is accepted for the right reasons and that when accepted the transplant is a success for him, this would make him a changed man.

  7. Dolphins are healing, I wish to swim with one in the sea at Big Island Hilton Resort


    Although I’m not a swimmer by any means, this appeals enormously to me. I think it would be great for my spirit and body and can’t imagine what it would feel like to be pulled through the water by these gentle intelligent creatures.I’ve heard it can be healing, and I don’t expect miracles, but just the rush of moving so fast through the water would be awesome and to be with such a gentle creature – words can’t describe how much I would love to do this.

  8. Model Planes


    When my hubby left work to become my carer, I knew he would need respite from me, so got him finally interested in hobby of model planes. So many crashes…..so funny, but so expensive, but fantastic for him.So very very happy for him :)  

  9. My mum and dad are the best, what can I do for them that is special?


    Feel guilty as mum and dad are the bestest parents in the world. They lost one daughter to cancer at 36, and I hope they go before me (don’t mean that to sound horrid). I used to visit them every week and inbetween to do odd things, as they live in the home my dad built when they were married over 63 years ago. Dad has had a tulmutuous health life known as Lazarus because he has died and revived so many times, but know has kidney cancer very rapidly growing, and mum, well – what can I say. Dad met her in Fairfield Hospital when she had polio and fell in love, she too has continued to be addled by all sorts of health complications, but they look on the bright side. She too has recently spent time in ICU and is not in the best of health herself. I feel helpless because I can’t do what I want to do for them, help them with everyday jobs, needs etc. I can’t help them because I need help myself. I would love to be able to give or do something really special for them but don’t know what?   

  10. Lunch with Carol, a very dear, dear friend.

    Have lunch with my oldest, dearest friend Carol who I haven’t had the opportunity to catch up with for a good old yarn forever at Strada in Ivanhoe. Looks to be happening this Friday – woop woop!!!! Fingers crossed I wake feeling up to the adventure!

  11. Spend precious time with my family and friends

    Living for the moment, spending time enjoying their company, laughing until we can’t stop, having fun, and doing things together.

  12. Sisters find preciousness


    My starlight wish is that my beautiful find and hold onto, and treasure, each other forever, and become best friends

  13. Peg removal

    Removal of peg by dr I hope asap. Cannot stand this pain anymore

  14. Celebrate the most wonderful 30 years of marriage with my devoted hubby


    What a time we have had, illnesses too many to count, and on our 30th which will be oh so precious given both our health how wonderful it would be to spend a night at Crown Towers in Melbourne.

  15. Be more assertive with specialists

    Need to learn to stand up to them and assert my rights!

  16. Travel to Big Island Hilton Resort while I can – THIS IS A MUST DO


    A major dream of mine, especially given my health and the fact that getting their would be difficult only by business or first class and no insurance possible given health, but am going to get there somehow…

  17. Get a weber

    And master the art

  18. Care for those who care for me and for those who expect me to keep in touch….i

    It takes two people to stay in touch. If you haven’t contacted a friend or family member nor can understand their sick, then I will no longer feel guilty for your heartlessness nor feel committed nor guilty for not seeing those who rarely make contact since I got sick and can no longer do what they want me to do or be who they want me to be.

  19. Return to Freeman on Ford in Beechworth

    To meet up again with gorgeous Heidi and have a champagne spa again

  20. Pain Management Program

    Complete Pain Management Program

  21. Second Bucket Wish List – Have a dog companion

    This is difficult because it needs to be a tiny dog, under 3.5 kilos given my muscle tone. My hubby is out a lot. I am lonely at home unable to do much. I miss my dog. It would need to be mature, intelligent, not shed and be excellently house trained. To clean up accidents would be way too difficult for me, however, I can offer much love and companionship. Even a visitor who visited me with their little doggy for an hour a fortnight would be awesome. Unless you’ve had dogs, you probably think I am silly, but this comes as my second bucket list wish.

  22. Third Bucket Wish List – Finish my Life Story For My Daughter/s

    One of my daughter’s, asked me to write my life story, so am in process of doing this, but oh it takes so long. Utilizing the wonderful online U3A to help me, so it’s not boring and all about me, but about my life experiences…

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Third Bucket Wish List – Finish my Life Story For My Daughter/s

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First Bucket Wish List – Air Adventure Tour from Melbourne to Perth and beyond.

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Third Bucket Wish List

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First Bucket Wish List – Air Adventure Tour from Melbourne to Perth and beyond.

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Have a dog companion