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  1. Irlend

    Ive always wanted to visit Ireland and roam the country side

  2. Sydney

    I never made it to Sydney while my Brother was alive and living there for over 30 years. I still want to go to Sydney and thank my Brother’s friends in person, for being his friend and loving him for who he was.

  3. Pay off my credit card debt

    Though it is not as high as some people, I still want to pay it off (about $15,000) ande debt free except for my mortgage debt (approximately $30,000).

  4. Ball gown

    I’ve always wanted to wear a ball gown and receive a pampering (hair, nails, etc) to go with it and then go to a place/event wearing said ball gown.

  5. Friend for Grandson

    I want my eldest Grandson to have a friend that he can lean on. Someone to talk to, someone to do things with, someone to be there for him when I am gone.

  6. Craft room

    I want my craft room organized with the proper storage and arrangement that is best for the crafting I do.

  7. Travel

    I have always anted to travel. The 50 states and beyond.

  8. Ride a train

    Not a subway train, but a real train taking you from point A to another state or country, sleep in a sleeping berth, see the countryside, etc.

  9. Bus

    Ride a bus across the US

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Ride a train

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Friend for Grandson

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Pay off my credit card debt