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  1. Wrestle An Alligator.


    Be an absolute manly badass and wrestle an alligator or croc! http://www.coloradogators.com/visit/gator-wrestling-class/

  2. Be a castaway on an island.


    docastaway.com offer experiences to be totally isolated on a desert island. This is a definite on my list. http://www.docastaway.com/

  3. Camp in the Arctic.


    Work at a camp in the Arctic circle. http://en.camping.info/norway/north-norway/arctic-fjordcamp-25138

  4. Live with a tribe.


    Live with a hunter gatherer tribe. And eat dinner that I helped to make!

  5. Naked skydive!


    Come on! This is a great idea! Admittedly I saw this one on Sebastian’s list first, but I need to do it.

  6. Join a band and play on stage.


    Pick up my guitar and play a song with some good mates on stage.

  7. Stand up comedy.


    … Better start to buying some joke books.

  8. Achieve my dream job.


    Since the age of 9 I’ve always wanted to be an Automotive designer. So far i’m in uni.

  9. Go on a Top Gear road trip.


    Take 2 really good friends and go on a ‘Top Gear’ style road trip to a hot destination! Looking forward to this one :)

  10. Fix up a minibus/campervan

    party bus 28 passenger1

    Buy a cheap campervan, fix it up and then drive it around the world.

  11. Running with the bulls.


    This is just crazy, and needs to be on my list for that reason!

  12. Go spear fishing.


    This is pretty awesome haha.

  13. Philosophise under the northern lights.


    Set up camp and just think about, well, stuff.

  14. Survive off of the land.


    Inspired by Bear Grylls this one is all about having a go at survivalism.

  15. Complete a 365 day photo challenge.


    Haven’t come up with the challenge for this one yet, (can’t be facial hair because i’m not man enough hahaha).

  16. Become fluent in another language.


    I only know bits of the most common languages. Being fluent would be cool and useful.

  17. Blindly throw a dart at a map, go to where it lands.


    Could be adventurous!

  18. Hitchhike through a country.


    This one was inspired by Seb when I read it in his book.

  19. Bungee jump into a live volcano


    Yes… This is a real thing

  20. Race an Ostrich


    No, not race an OSTRICH. race AN ostrich….

  21. Wing Walking


    This would scare the hell out of me!

  22. Be a Yes Man for a week


    I’ve wanted to do this one ever since watching the film, god knows where this could end me up!

  23. Go volcano boarding or sand surfing


    Slide down a volcano or sand dune on a board :)

  24. Lead or join an expedition


    This would be the ultimate story to tell people

  25. Be a medieval knight in a reanactment


    Get my geek fix and reanact a medieval battle as a knight

  26. Be an extra on T.V

    Movie Star

    Apply to be an extra on some BBC show.

  27. Be an Elf at Lapland.


    Be an Elf at Lapland. Hopefully I get the job. www.workaseason.com

  28. Finish my book.


    Continue to write my book and publish it.

  29. Boat through the Philippines and Indonesia.


    Buy a boat and sail through the 2 countries.

  30. Buy a private island


    Buy a private island (if I ever get enough money) lol

  31. Invent something.


    Had some ideas for some time. I’m going to see if I can patent any of them.

  32. Own an unusual exotic pet.


    -Ocelot -Serval -Walleroo

  33. Read all of Dale Carnegie’s books.


    Read every single Carnegie book and keep them.

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Achieve my dream job.

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Break a world record.

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Read all of Dale Carnegie’s books.

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