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  1. Touch the Great Pyramid of Giza

    This December(2018) i will be visiting Egypt. It has been a life long dream of mine to visit the ruins of Ancient Egypt and immerse myself in the beauty of Egypt’s history.

  2. Learn how to LOVE all women

    Women have been raised to fight and hate each other for the attention and love of a man, to be jealous of other women’s success and to hate someone who hasn’t done anything to you directly or intentionally. I have had this feeling recently over a female i have never met before and I DO NOT want to live like that. I want to love and appreciate all women.

  3. Walk 3 miles of The Great Wall of China

    Enter a description The great wall of china is thousands of miles long. I wish to walk three miles of the wall, by myself or with friends.

  4. Come out to my father

    I want to come out to my father. I want him to know that I am bisexual but I am terrified. The last time i tired to tell ym dad i liked girls, he slapped me and called me a whore and i played it off as a joke. I want to come out clean.

  5. Try Stand up Comedy

    This will be a CHALLENGE goal on my list. I am terrified of doing this. I have been told so many times I should try stand up but i have been terrified of failing so bad on stage and that no one laughs and that I would be asked to leave, It terrifies me but i want to do it so bad…

  6. Visit a holy place and pray

    Religion scares me. I was forced into it as a child. I have always had a negative connotation of religion. I want to move past that, be more open minded and got to a church, mosque, temple, whatever it is and pray.

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Visit a holy place and pray

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Try Stand up Comedy

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Come out to my father

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Walk 3 miles of The Great Wall of China