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  1. Make my soul sing…

    1. Marry my soul mate 2. Write a book 3. Be a guest bartender for a night 4. Ride a snowcat and groom the ski slopes at night 5. Take an overnight sailboat trip 6. Keep the kids home from school for no reason 7. Host a dinner party for my dearest girlfriends 8. Have a baby 9. Visit Cabo 10. Ski Aspen 11. Meet Oprah 12. Go to culinary school 13. Try standup 14. Sit in the desert 15. Bungee jump 16. Go camping in Colorado 17. Build a house 18. Sew a dress 19. Paint a picture 20. Create a photography exhibit 21. Visit Thailand 22. Create a future trail of love letters for my children 23. Organize my photographs 24. Take the train across the us 25. Drive across Europe 26. Have lunch on the Amalfi coast 27. Collect Seashells in the Outer Banks 28. Go to Block Island 29. See the Northern Lights 30. Be a teacher 31. Build a school in Africa 32. Live in NYC…again  33. Have a yoga practice 34. Look at the stars 35. See Big Sur 36. Start a cheese company (First Kiss Creamery) 37. Go skiing…Repeat. 38. Find Aaron. Thank him. Tell him I love him. 39. Go to India 40. Give Grace my journals 41. Ride horses with G and H on the beach 42. Make people smile 43. Have sleepovers 44. Dye Easter eggs 45. Make Christmas cookies 46. Have a wedding 47. Celebrate my next 10 birthdays now 48. Kiss at the top of the Eiffel tower 49. Meet John Mayer. Ask him how he gets all those girls. Ask him if he is happy 50. Do a photoshoot with my sisters 51. Make a petite and beautiful chevre. Name it after my sister 52. Work for Bethany Frankel for a day 53. Ask Grace what makes her happy 54. Ask Harper what makes him happy 55. Do what makes Grace and Harper happy 56. Eat gelato in Florence 57. Swim in a Caribbean water hole 58. Have dinner in a cave 59. Eat at Alinea 60. Eat at Noma 61. Ride in a helicopter 62. Learn how to fly 63. Go fly fishing 64. Ride a bike in Provence 65. Take the kids to Disney world (ugh) 66. Do a Ted talk about Young Women and Courage and Shame 67. Travel with friends 68. Watch the running of the bulls 69. Go to Caan 70. Go to Sundance 71. Ride a wave 72. Meditate with Elkhart Toile 73. Spend an hour with Terry Real 74. Drink champagne 75. Skydive 76. Quit work 77. Take the kids to Ethiopia 78. Bake a cake 79. Buy an amazing dress. Go to dinner. 80. Visit the Tajmahal 81. Get lost in Venice 82. See the redwoods 83. Cook dinner over a campfire in the mountains 84. Hike at night 85. Read books to the kids 86. Have a stylist overhaul my wardrobe 87. Volunteer on the ground after a natural disaster 88. Catch fireflies 89. Spend a day on an ungodly large yacht. Pretend it’s mine. Be glad it’s not 90. Make love in the sun, the snow, the trees, the rain, the meadow 91. Do #90 over again 92. Thank Sebastian for this idea of list writing 93. Open a bar 94. Visit Budapest 95. Learn to cook Indian food 96. Picnic in a vineyard 97. Grow a garden 98. Visit 6 new art museums. Don’t stop there 99. Fall in love 100. Get stronger 101. Ride on a private jet 102. Dance by the light of the pale moonlight with my kids watching 103. Make every recipe in Mimi Thor’s book 104. Build a treehouse 105. Read the NY Times in Central Park with Mexican Hot chocolate 106. Kite surf 107. Know without filter what all my boyfriends really thought 108. Fill the house with flowers 109. Raft the Colorado 110. Let me insides be seen 111. Inspire my daughter to do great things and to let her soul sing 112. Teach my son to be a kind and giving partner and to let his soul sing 113. Go to Yosemite 114. Go to Monument Valley 115. Meet Brenee Brown 116. Share love with 20 homeless people 117. Save a life 118. Live in a ski town 119. Believe in miracles. All the time. Everywhere. 120. Spread my father’s ashes in Ireland 121. Get botox 122. Practice piano 123. See Willie Nelson live before he passes on 124. Go to the Meadows 125. Go to Greece 126. Start a business 127. Learn Powerpoint 128. Help people love 129. Follow the universe 130. Blow bubbles 131. Start an app to pay tips 132. Buy a bike for a child 133. Go to Micronesia 134. Go to Greece 135. Take a girl hiking trip 136. Watch a volcano erupt 137. Spend a week on an island alone 138. Meditate 139. Tell the truth 140. Learn the art of fjaka 141. Act out of love not fear 142. Remember how it felt to make love to Burdi 143. Teach young girls to hear their inner voice. Empower them. Teach them shame resilience 144. Go to Portugal 145. Make miracles happen for other people 146. Publish Gracie’s list 147. Take an RV trip 148. Go to a concert at Redrocks 149. Take Harper to Vienna 150. Make my soul sing

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Make my soul sing…