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1. Sleep under the stars 2. Learn Spanish 3. Learn more Sign Language 4. Finish learning the piano 5. See the northern lights 6. Try Aerial or bungee yoga 7. Beach camp and bonfire 8. Cross country road trip 9. Learn to surf 10. Learn to pole and belly dance 11. Learn to ride/own a motorcycle 12. Go to Vegas 13. Write and publish a book 14. Disney World Christmas 15. White water rafting 16. Visit Grand Canyon 17. Go skiing 18. Visit a fortune teller 19. Go to music festival 20. LONG visit to meditation spa resort/retreat 21. Nude beach 22. Go horseback riding again 23. Live and travel in RV and go to all the States 24. Level up martial arts skills 25. Finish College degree 26. See Niagara Falls from both US and Canada Sides 27. Visit a hot springs 28. Tourist Train ride in mountains 29. Zip lining in mountains 30. Sleep in a tree house 31. Get my CW permit 32. Bask on the beach in tropical resort for a week or two 33. Go on a cruise 34. Participate in a color run 35. Dance in a drum circle 36. Live for short time on a boat 37. Ring a church bell 38. Do SUP board again 39.