MissKorine posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

I’ve made significant progress on my list already, despite not ticking a single item off yet. #1 renovation is still on hold waiting for the Office of Fair Trading Building Inspector. After contacting the local pistol club months ago, but the secretary being busy for ”the next few weeks” and then not getting back to me, I contacted a Picton club at another town. I’ll be going for a visit on a weekend soon. #3 I picked up a passport application and got my photo taken. The biggest hurdle will be having a non-related guarantor who has known me for at least two years endorse my photo. I just don’t have friends the way most people do, plus I have both left a job and relocated twice in the last two years. #10 has had the most significant progress and has me most excited, so I have made it my featured item. I have come up with an idea to reduce homelessness and deaths resulting from domestic violence and have started Project Serenity to develop the idea and work towards its implementation. I had the idea on New Year’s Eve and created the Facebook page on New Year’s Day. The following day, my research found the NSW Domestic and Family Violence Innovation Fund. I have since begun work on an Expression of Interest and looking into NGOs and other organisations to partner with. The EOI needs to be submitted by 17/02/2017. Aren’t deadlines so motivating? I also created a poll through Survey Monkey so people can express interest in hosting, or that they think the project is a good idea, whether or not they have experienced domestic violence. I’ve added to the FB page’s favourites 36 relevant politicians, government organisations, NGOs and peak bodies. I’ll be getting in touch with a lot of them soon, once I’ve got a more complete EOI draft.