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  1. Take a Road Trip

    Every teenage dream; to pack up the car and head off with mates across the country for some wild adventures! So I may have left my teens a little while back, but this is definitely still on my list of things to do!

  2. Learn to Cook

    I go against every ‘domestic female’ stereotype in the fact that I can’t cook… at all! I would like to change this and one day prepare a 3-5 course meal for my friends and family. An opportunity for everyone to sit down together while crossing an item off my list, and pleasing my parents with my new skills!

  3. Have my Fortune Told

    This one is pretty easy for me. I had my first reading a couple of years ago and since then have been an avid psychic follower. However, I would still really love to have a reading down with a really eccentric gypsy one day!

  4. One Way Ticket Overseas

    Ultimate traveling adventure! One way to see where it takes you!

  5. Learn to Speak Fluent French

    What better language to learn than French, the language of love

  6. Spend time at a Yoga Retreat

    It’s good for the mind, good for the body, and good for the soul..perfect!

  7. Visit all 7 Continents

    If you’re going to travel around the world, you’d want to make sure you see everything it has to offer!

  8. Volunteer Abroad for 1 Month

    The ability to travel, witness the magic of different cultures, all while helping those less fortunate.

  9. Photography

    Recently purchased a new Canon camera with new lenses, so I’d love to be able to use it properly to document all my travels and adventures! It’s amazing being able to look back at trips and experiences.

  10. Skydive

    Completed this for my 21st Birthday in 2012! Best experience so far! Would and could do it every single day!

  11. Swim with Sharks

    Hold your breath and conquer a fear. Let’s face it, if we’re writing a list of 100 things to do in our lifetimes, we’re going to go out with a BANG!

  12. A Week without Technology

    In the age of technology I reckon this could be my hardest challenge yet. No texts, phone calls, facebook, instagram, tumblr… It’ll be a reallllyyyy long week.

  13. Get Re-Married in Vegas

    This one will have to wait until I’m actually married first so I can re-do my vows in Vegas with the Elvis celebrant!

  14. Stay in an Over-Water Bungalow in Bora Bora

    The picture of paradise, an over-water bungalow! Beaches, Crystal-Blue water, complete privacy and cocktails! What more could a girl ask for?!

  15. Protest for a Valuable Cause

    I’ve just always wanted to be in a protest rally! It captures passion and opinion.

  16. Watch the Sunrise and Sunset

    Be awake before the sun comes up, and watch it as it sets on the day. Reminds you all that can be accomplished in a day and the endless possibilities for our lives.

  17. Stay in an Igloo, Finland

    So I’ve discovered that you can actually stay in an Igloo somewhere in Finland! You can stay in a REAL Igloo, but I’m thinking about opting for the heated version!

  18. Own & Build my Dream Home

    Pretty self-explanatory, but I’d love to one day own and build my dream home that reflects me and my family.

  19. Journal for a Year

    Write a diary entry every day for a year so I can look back on what was happening in my life and my perspectives on the world.

  20. Send a message in a bottle

    We’ve all got our own knowledge and wisdom, so why not share it with someone. I plan on writing a letter about the things I’ve learnt so far in my life so that somewhere someone else can benefit from them.

  21. Have my Portrait Painted

    Capturing myself from an artist’s perspective, plus a little wall decoration for my place as well.

  22. Ride a Camel through the Desert


    2015 Europe trip with a stopover in Dubai. Spent a day sand boarding, 4 wheel driving, camel riding, and eating dinner out under the stars!

  23. Learn to Ballroom Dance

    From the Salsa to the Tango, I’d love to be able to spin around the dance floor with so much grace and composure.

  24. Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef

    One of the natural wonders of the world. Scuba diving through the amazingly colourful coral and tropical wildlife would be beautiful.

  25. Hot Air Ballooning

    The world from a different vantage point.

  26. Birdsville Races

    The biggest Australian Races event after the Melbourne Cup! In the middle of the country, on a dirt track, with thousands of people and 1 pub! Bound to be an experience and a half!

  27. Spend a day appreciating nature

    People go through the motions most days. Wake up, breakfast, work, fitness, dinner and bed. But why not spend a full day appreciating nature and the world at work. A picnic in the park, sitting in a garden watching butterflies float around the flowers. Lovely!

  28. Fish off Cape York with my Dad

    If you’ve seen the movie Charlie and Boots you will definitely understand my reasoning for this, and considering my dad and I both enjoy fishing why not spend time together at the most Northern tip of Australia!

  29. Visit every ”BIG” monument in Australia

    So we’ve got the BIG banana, the BIG pineapple, the BIG guitar.. A few days researching and I’ll have all the locations for a roadtrip! ** well on my way with this one, have started the QLD journey and will slowly build upon the list!

  30. Helicopter Ride


    This is my brother and I on a helicopter in New Zealand; we flew onto the Tasman Glacier and seriously landed in knee-deep fresh snow. We had the best time!

  31. Disneyland

    Every childhood dream is to visit Disneyland! I don’t care how old I am, but I will get there one day!!

  32. Learn to Read Tarot Cards

    So my psychic Janice claims I have a very spiritual aura and this is something she thinks I have the ability to do successfully, so I’ll give it a go and see if I can get in touch with my guardian angels to see the future!

  33. Parasailing


  34. African Safari

    Seeing animals in their own habitats and how they co-exist alongside each other.

  35. Pyramids in Egypt

    This probably comes from all those History lessons at High School combined with my love of Indiana Jones. It’d be an amazing view and experience.

  36. Great Wall of China

    September 2011 – Trekked across a section of the Great Wall with my Dad on a business trip to China.

  37. Dance under the Stars

    This item is easy enough to tick ‘completed’ but before I complete it I want to make sure that it’s an occasion which I truly capture and appreciate.

  38. Visit & Help those in a Third World Country

    Giving something back to those less fortunate specifically in a country that’s classed as third world.

  39. Learn about Astrology

    How the stars can guide your future path is pretty interesting stuff. Wouldn’t mind delving a little deeper into this area to see what it’s all about.

  40. Find a Great Love

    We all love, then we’re heartbroken. Some people miss out on that great love, and others find it and then lose it and settle with someone else. I want to find this great love and know that it’s out there. Even if it’s not for the rest of my life, to know that I’ve experienced what it’s really like to be in love will be magic in itself.

  41. Experience a moment of absolute happiness

    Michael Rowland writes about an ‘Absolute Happiness’. Movies are made in the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’. I dream about experiencing a moment, for however brief, of this absolute happiness.

  42. Fossick for my own Gems

    Living in Central Queensland you wouldn’t believe that I haven’t done this before, but to fossick your own gems and then turn it into a piece of jewelry that can be kept forever.

  43. Kokoda Trail

    A great challenge. I’d like to see whether I’d make it.

  44. Shoot a Gun

    Being a fan of action movies, I’ve always wondered what it’s like to go James Bond style with a gun, although I guess it’d be safer (and legal) at a shooting range!

  45. Aurora Borealis

    Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. A brilliant, beautiful and natural light display by mother nature. There are only a select few countries where you can see the show but I’d love to check it out in Antarctica.

  46. Inca Trail / Machu Picchu

    Always fascinated by the story of the Inca’s and Machu Picchu is definitely a site to see in your lifetime.

  47. Drive-In Movies

    Old-school drive-in movies, would be such the cutest date!

  48. Moulin Rouge

    2015 Europe trip! We headed to Paris earlier than our topdeck tour just to see this! We had dinner and watched the show and it was a wonderful tick-off-the-list experience

  49. Visit an Active Volcano


    Climbed Mt Batur in Bali! The most physically challenging thing i’ve ever experienced! It took minimum 4 hours to climb up and down again, through the roughest terrain and all in the middle of the night with a flashlight! We made it to the top just before the sunrise

  50. Rio Carnival

    One of the biggest parties in the world, who would want to miss this experience!

  51. Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge


    Climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge on 3/1/14 with my family. What a fantastic start to a new year with a trip to Sydney with all the girls from our family. Had such a blast and the experience of the bridge walk was truly amazing. So grateful for the opportunity to complete this item on my list!

  52. Ayres Rock

    The heart of Australia; need I say more.

  53. Ride an Elephant

    ** Completed in September 2011 on a business trip to Hong Kong, China, and Singapore. This was at Singapore Zoo.

  54. Make a Difference to Someone’s Life

    I’d like to make a difference to someone else’s life through a major means. I haven’t figured out how I’m going to do this yet but I’m sure I’ll think of something. If you have any ideas let me know!

  55. Throw a Dart at a Map and Travel to wherever it lands

    This is pretty much on everyone’s “bucket list”; having no say in where you’re going and hoping for the best

  56. Flash Mob

    It became a sensation in 2003 and since then it’s grown worldwide and is even featured in movies. I’d love to be apart of a group of people who come together for one moment of happiness then continue on with the rest of their lives. It’s a different concept but it’d be fun to do!

  57. See a Live State of Origin Game

    Not just any State of Origin, a game where NSW wins not only the game itself but also the series! After losing for the past 7 years I hope our time comes sooner rather than later! Go the Blues!

  58. New York City for New Year’s Eve

    The place to be on New Year’s. They’ve even made a movie about it.

  59. Everest Base Camp

    A personal challenge and a great adventure.

  60. Gallipoli for ANZAC Day

    I would love for this to be in 2015 for the 100 year remembrance but we’ll see how it goes. 

  61. Learn to Surf


    First surfing lesson in Bali! An hour with a private instructor and it was full on! Caught so many waves. Took me a while to stand up but eventually I got the hang of it!

  62. Random Act of Kindness

    I’ve always loved this notion of a random act of kindness, but there isn’t enough people that go out of their way to help others. For me to check this off the list, I want to do one random act of kindness per month.

  63. Live in another Country for 3 months

    A change of scenery is good for the soul, or so they say. I’m going to see if I can live in another country with another language and culture.

  64. International Netball Game

    As a netball player, we all dream of seeing the Diamonds take on the Silver Ferns and winning of course!

  65. Melbourne Cup

    The race that stops the nation! Pretty dresses, stunning fascinators, high heels, champagne – what’s not to love.

  66. American Super Bowl

    One of the biggest sporting events in America. I think the atmosphere and the craze around the Super Bowl will be enough to blow your mind.

  67. Movie Marathon

    You’d think this would already be completed…but not yet. I’m the type of person who is in bed super early and still doesn’t get enough sleep, hence why I’ve never bothered with a movie marathon because I doubt my efforts to actually stay awake! But I vow that I will one day go to a movie marathon and stay awake the entire time!

  68. Sponsor a Child

    To help children receive a better education, clean drinking water and opportunities that they haven’t had accessible to them before is an inspiring thing to do. I’d like to join the list of sponsors and one day visit the child I supported.** Meet Kerly, she’s 9 and from Ecuador! I hope to visit Kerly one day and I look forward to supporting her and her family, as well as receiving letters from her!

  69. Project 365

    A photo to reflect all 365 days in a year.

  70. Participate in a Charity Car Rally

    Across the country in a 4wd with a group of family or friends raising money for charity. Sounds to me like a perfect adventure!

  71. Hold a Charity Fundraising Event

    People are always organising and holding fundraising events, but for once I want to be the one to bring people together to raise money for charity.

  72. Learn to make jewellery

    This would be a cool little hobby, especially if it’s dappling in golds, silvers and jewels. I’d like to see how they make jewellery and maybe try it out for myself. If not, at least look at designing some pieces.

  73. Visit Santa’s Workshop

    I’ve always celebrated Christmas with a big family gathering, plus I absolutely love Christmas movies, carols, decorations and the whole thing! Cannot wait to visit the big man’s workshop. Childhood dream come true!

  74. Kokoda Trail

    The physicality of this trail plus being able to follow the Australian journey from World War 2 would make this a great achievement to complete.

  75. Be in a Live Audience

    See the making of a TV show and experience being in a live audience. This one would be really cool if it was the Ellen Show because watching Ellen always makes me happy!

  76. Australian Open / Wimbledon

    Would love to spend a day or two at the tennis. I’ve heard the atmosphere is simply amazing and to see the strength and power of players like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal would be unreal.

  77. Publish an Article

    Any article, but something that has my name to it. Would be awesome to be a travel reporter, but hey, anything will do! ** So it’s only a book review, but I’ve never had the courage to write anything publicly so this is a good start! One step at a time!

  78. La Tomatina, Spain

    Festival of throwing tomatoes, hurrah! I did steal this off other campaigners, but when I did a little research who wouldn’t want to be in a massive tomato fight!

  79. Renovate a House

    Renovating a house requires planning skills, workmanship, and interior designing. An opportunity to challenge myself, learn to skills and accomplish a huge task with the added benefit of being able to design it to reflect my personal style.

  80. Overcome my fear of Dogs

    Ok,  so I think this one might be more difficult than everything else combined! People laugh at me, and some people think I’m joking, but I’m truly petrified of dogs.. It’s an actual phobia. It tends to rule my life because most people have dogs as pets making it difficult to visit friends, dogs are forever walking through parks, beaches and my neighbourhood, making it difficult for me to be outside. It would be a miracle if I could get over this fear that dominates my life!

  81. Create an Art Piece

    Show my lack of artistic talent and create a worthy piece of art.

  82. Stay in a Buddhist Monastrey

    The ideologies surrounding Buddhism have interested me for the last few years, and I’d like to learn more about their practices and witness the life in a monastery.

  83. Get Inked

    I have no pain tolerance whatsoever! I hate the feeling of a paper cut, let alone a tattoo! One day I will break the barrier standing in my way and actually get one!

  84. Theatre Production


    Would love to go to a full-scale theater production, preferably in London! ** While spending a week in London in June 2015, me and my 3 girlfriends went to see 2 theatre productions! Wicked and The Lion King. So much fun and so great to go to an actual London theatre!

  85. Learn to Bartend

    Such a handy thing to be able to do, especially for someone like me who wants to travel a lot!

  86. Half-Marathon

    I think maybe a full marathon will be a little too much for me right now, but I’m tempted to try and complete a half-marathon! Mind you, I’ll need a lot of training before it’s even attempted!

  87. Build a Giant Sandcastle

    Taking myself back to my childhood dreams of building a huge sandcastle! Mind you, by this stage in my life I’ve seen a few of the sculpture competitions, so this sandcastle needs to be epic!

  88. Get Professional Photos

    I am a little self-conscious but I’d like to have some professional photos done properly so I can look back at myself and see who I used to be when I was young.

  89. Participate in the 40 hour famine

    As a food lover, this is going to be really tough for me, but I think it’ll open my eyes to the hardships of others, and hopefully change my perspective on a few different aspects of life.

  90. Eat at a World Best Restaurant

    One of the World’s Best Restaurants, enough said.

  91. Watch the top 100 Best Movies of All Time

    Finding a list of 100 Best Movies of All Time online and watching each and every single one! No doubt will share this opportunity with many other family and friends.For this one, I’m going with the following list:http://www.lifed.com/top-100-best-movies-of-all-time

  92. Attend the Olympic Games

    The greatest sporting event in the world! One day I’m going to go and see some of the live action, wearing the green and gold, of course!

  93. Party at Mardi Gras

    A huge Australian event; definitely worth a trip to Sydney.

  94. Change a Tyre

    A very handy skill that may be needed someday!

  95. Own and Manage a Successful Business

    Something that I want to accomplish on my own strengths. I’m not sure what business I’ll be in just yet, but in a few years I’ll have it down pat!

  96. Get Married

    Every girl plans this day from before she’s even got a boyfriend! Can’t wait for my perfect day, now where’s my perfect guy?!!

  97. Family

    Once was not really on my radar, but I think having a family would be nice. I can’t imagine growing up without my brother and sister, so I know how important the family support system is.

  98. Drive the Great Ocean Road, Australia

  99. Watch the sunset in Greece


    I have to be picky with the travel destinations! Although I want to go EVERYWHERE, I can only list 100 things here! Maybe I’ll go country by country in my next list, but Greece is a must see for me. ** Spent a week on Santorini in July 2015 and it was perfect. We had the most delicious rooftop meal while overlooking the sunset in Oia.

  100. #100 – Backpack through Europe


    Ultimate travel dream! Pack up and leave everything to head over to Europe. Could be over there from 6 months to 10 years!! Wondering around European countries in all their bliss! Ok, so it wasn’t 6 months or 10 years – more like, 6 weeks. BUT I did travel around Europe staying in hostel after hostel and I even have the bed bug bites to prove it! Had an amazing 6 weeks and met some awesome people, I wouldn’t change a thing!

  101. #101 – Just Say ’YES’

    Say YES to every opportunity presented to me for a period of time! Oh, the possibilities!

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