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  1. Interpreting English/Spanish

    I would like to volunteer interpreting English/Spanish in Miller-children’s hospital in Long Beach CA. My nephew was hospitalized there 20 years ago and I’m for ever thankful for the professional and kind service my family received. I am a Family Service Advocate for a preschool program that serves low income families in the LA. Interpreting is one the skills that I use to advocate for children and their families in low income communities. Thank you!

  2. Run a Marathon

    Running a marathon requires physical and mental preparation and it is something that I have in my 100 things to do. However I never been an athlete and is hard for me to get motivated.

  3. To teach at a preschool program in Italy!!

    I am a preschool teacher and would like to experience being a teacher in Italy. I have a BA in Child Development and I believe that learning from other cultures and curriculum enrich ones view on others educational systems.

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To teach at a preschool program in Italy!!

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Run a Marathon

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Interpreting English/Spanish