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  1. Get married

    Ok so this may not seem very extreme to most however it has never really been something that I’ve believed was for me, I’m not a real girly girl and not too comfortable being centre of attention and I kind of have commitment issues but there is a true romantic hidden deep within me who is longing to be swept off my feet and although my partner and I have talked about it and even almost decided to do surprise wedding at a recent Australia day combined birthday bash we threw we still haven’t taken the leap!

  2. Buy a property

    It has always been my dream to own land, somewhere I can call my own and plant some strong family roots for our children, giving them the kind of life that is natural, sustainable and fulfilling. Having spent a fair part of the last 15 years not being settled or having a true home base and with my future plans and dreams based around sustainable living and creating and furthering my horse/human therapy plans wide open spaces are what I’ve been dreaming of!

  3. Live sustainably

    If you ask any of my friends growing up about the kind of persona I was I’m thinking they would probably say I was the hippy! Never really fitting in with mainstream ideas trends or fads I just did my own thing and was always a little alternative. Trying to “grow up” and be more “normal” in my 20′s however steered me away from my true being and only now after a long and roundabout circle where I have spent long periods of time looking at why and what has driven me this last decade or so I am once again wanting to return to much natural way of being combining all of my life’s love’s in a more natural, organic and sustainable way of living!

  4. Visit Europe especially Germany!

    Over the years I have had a kind of strange affinity with Germany and I have had the fortune of meeting and making a few wonderful German friends 2 of whom I would love to visit in their home towns in Germany (as well as see all the amazing castles and visit some of the amazing horse studs!).

  5. Travel the whole coast of Australia!

    I love adventure and love new places and camping and ours is one of the most amazing countries on earth and I would love to explore as much of it as possible with my partner and children taking in all of it’s extremes and what better way to start then going around the edge!

  6. Explore Tasmania

    Keeping in theme with #5 Tasmania is the one state that I haven’t been to and would love to visit and explore. We have a friend who does food drop off for the mountain treks (I reckon it’s got to be one of the best jobs in the world!) and I would love to start by joining him on one of his 5 day treks!

  7. Establish my own equine therapy business

    So this is one of my long term dreams combining my love of horses and all that the have helped me live through with my other passion helping people overcome their own emotional fears.

  8. Visit the most southern, northern, eastern and western points of Australia

    See #5 and #6!

  9. Take my kids snorkeling on the great barrier reef!

    This is something I did as a kid on one of our big family holidays and it was a truly amazing experience one that I would love to duplicate with my kids :)

  10. Walk the kakoda trail

    It is said to be one of the toughest and most emotional treks going and I do love a good challenge.

  11. Walk the great wall of China

    This is on here as I think it would just be a very awesome thighs to do!

  12. Visit the pyramids of Egypt

    Again a very cool thing to do and an amazing adventure to take my kids on!

  13. Sky dive

    This is something I promised my eldest son I’d do with him one day and I intend to keep that promise!

  14. Go for a ride in a hot air balloon

    Just a random thing that I think would be awesomely fun and very romantic!

  15. Ride across the nullabor

    Ok so this is something I’ve wanted to do pretty much since I worked out at the border village road house for a short while in my mid 20′s but something that was confirmed when I spent 9 day just me and my horse out riding the 270km Kidman Trail a couple of years back. The Nullabor truly is an amazing place full of crazy spirits and beautiful changing land and I can’t think of a better way to enjoy it than on horseback!

  16. Ride in the great Australian cattle drive

    Along similar lines to #15 what better way to see our amazing country and experience some true outback hospitality and charm and be part of a history that had helped shaped our heritage than amongst a real working cattle drive!

  17. Help Sebastian acheive one of the things on his list

    Let’s face it he’s the main reason we’re all on this mission only fair to give back! Thinking Seb I might be able to help out with your #37 be a horse jockey or at least a variation of it anyhow!

  18. Live without modern technology for a month

    This probably isn’t so much about getting out of my comfort zone but perhaps getting back to basics and “switching off” from the modern world and chaos and getting back to a more natural way of being.

  19. Sing NIN Closer karaoke

    I thing the main obstacle for this one will be finding somewhere that will let me sing the unedited version! This song I find (bizarre as it may sound) incredibly sexy, it’s so wrong that it appeals to some real primal emotions and singing it loud and proud I think would be a real step outside my comfort zone and into a new heightened sense of being!

  20. See Andes play live in Ibiza

    Ok so this one will kind of be relying on someone else actually achieving their goals but if it happens I want to be there to see it. This is based on one of the volunteers/campers at the recent Catch 100 Youth camp where we had the honor of meeting Sebastian. Our dj for the weekend was an awesome talented guy named Andes who was in the group that I want part of. One of the things on Andes list was to play in Ibiza and as a young raver in my day I had ideas of one day going to visit Ibiza and so………..it is now #20 on my list!

  21. Attend a Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra New Years Eve Concert!

    Ok so this would be one of the most awesome mind blowing live music performances that you could experience in this world! ever since watching one of their new years eve performances a couple of years ago it was in my mind as being something I would love to experience before I die…………and I have already started working towards it………as the concert is such a revered event to make ticket sales fair the only way you can purchase a ticket is by going into a world wide draw for tickets! so not to waste any time I have entered my name down for this year……………not sure how we will afford to pay for the trip if we do win but eh we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, I figured that it may take years to actually have our names drawn so if I start now then there is no doubting I will see one before I die!

  22. Visit the Vienna Spanish Riding School

    Well if I’m going to see the Philharmonic I may as well stop by and visit the world most renowned riding school! another childhood dream I guess and would work in well with my European tour plan!

  23. Win a triple j hottest 100 golden ticket

    Have been a triple j fan since I can first remember being enlightened to the non comercial station back in my mid teens and each year for the past 4 or 5 I have religiously placed my votes in Australias biggest music poll, and this year actually registered our big Australia day bash as a hottest 100 party (was most dissapointed when the doctor didn’t arrive but eh there’s always next year!), and so providing that they continue to play new exciting music I will continue to religiously enter in my top ten each year, hey I might end up being the oldest winner but surely one day it will happen! (for those who don’t know the golden ticket get’s you into every triple j supported music gig and festival in Australia for a whole year!)

  24. Perform a stand up comedy gig

    So this one I guess is about laughing at myself and some of the crazy stuff that can potentially get me down in life taking it and turning it around to help other people laugh and see the lighter funnier side of life…………….this one will be a fair challenge for me tho I must admit.

  25. Act in a play

    We all did it (or at least I know I did it….alot) when we were kids we’d pretend that we were on a stage acting or singing away to an imaginary crowd, I was always sure I was going to grow up and become an actor or something (it’s the secret hidden creative side in me!) and I think the challenge of controlling your nerves and emotions whilst remembering all of your lines and at the same time act would be something so very new and exciting.

  26. Organise an XTC reunion

    When I was 19 I made the trek over to the USA to work as a riding camp councellor/riding instructor at a well to do all girls summer riding camp up in the beautiful Adirondacks. That trip changed my life and I met some of the most amazing beautiful people that I have the fortune of keeping in contact with today, we have always spoken about a reunion back at the Ranch to relive some of our amazing memories and perhaps see what became of some of the wonderful campers that we taught and nutured over the 9 weeks of camp. If anyone knows of a production company that is looking for a project for a show I’ve always thought it would make a great Oprah episode!

  27. Help restore Monarto Equestrian Centre to it’s former glory days

    Monarto Equestrian Centre is a facility owned by Pony Club Southern Zone where I spent the better part of my teenage years riding and competing. For a long time I called it my second home as it seemed I spent most weekends up there. Unfortunately it is slowly falling into disrepair as the volunteers who are charged to run the place are being stretched in different directions. Time and Money are the two things needed as well as a committed direction from all stake holders (9 clubs in the zone each club having 30 odd members, not an easy task!) but if restored and kept alive the history of the centre will be able to be passed down for future generations to enjoy.

  28. Further help Silent Ripples and other suicide bereavement support groups become better known.

    Silent Ripples is a suicide bereavement support group that I have been part of now for over 3 years. I was fortunate enough to be directed to the group by my doctor having been twice bereaved myself. There is very little support for those left behind following a death by suicide and really only those who have experienced it can comprehend the complexities, this is why Silent Ripples was formed and why peers based support groups should be easily accessable to anyone who’s lives have been touched by loss through suicide.

  29. Learn to surf.

    So this one has been a long time running ambition, I spent my formative year living near the beach and had friends who surfed and although I’m not too bad on the old body board I’ve always desired to be coordinated enough to actually surf, now this I have attempted but never had enough time or dedication to master, but I love the water and anything that gives me a reason to be in it I’m there!

  30. Spend a week on a deserted Island

    This was somewhat inspired by Sebastians Island adventure after I showed Sebs little doco to my daughter, she is only 6 but has a huge love for the outdoors like me and my only drama with attempting this goal is that we might enjoy it too much and not want to come back home!

  31. Eat only raw foords for a whole year

    This one is about discipline and better health. I started a raw foods just recently and although only lasting a month dropped about 3kilos without trying and felt sooo much better in myself. Unfortunately lifestyle reverted me back to a more traditional diet but in my ambitions for better mental and physical health I am really wanting to give this goal a good crack!

  32. Train a race horse

    This was a passion and dream my dad and I shared and one that I would like to incorporate with my ambitions to become a Parelli professional using natural techniques to educate and race (and win) in the sport of kings, thoroughbred racing!

  33. Become an EA level1 instructor

    In my quest for further education and qualification (as well as being a forgotten ambition of my youth) I would like to attain my EA instructors certificate so I am then able to follow the path of starting my own riding school.

  34. Become a qualified Rider Biomechanis instructor

    See #33!

  35. Become a qualified Parelli Professional

    Following suit with #33 & #34 the Parelli movement and philosophies ring true with my goals in life and also my goals of furthering my knowledge and skills with horses and humans.

  36. Learn to pole dance

    A couple of my friends are into it and apparently it is fantastic for core strength! ;)

  37. Learn a martial art

    This one is for discipline, fitness, core strength and coordination which I am desperately lacking in!

  38. Learn to drive and attain a licence for an MC truck!

    I currently have a HR licence but would love to go to the extreme and go big being able to confidently maneuver an MC vehicle!

  39. Go on a native foods adventure with Sunny

    A few years back I met an amazing person by the name of Sunny Savage who is a native foods specialist and travels the world learning and studying native foods. We became great friends in a short amount of time and I have been following her adventure ever since and one day would love to meet up again and join her on one of her native food adventures!

  40. Go to a nudist camp and/or do nude yoga

    Hmm………..just beacuase!

  41. Meet Pat and Linda Parelli

    The man and woman behind the Parelli Natural Horsemanship movement just to be in their energy would be amazing and I think I would probably find myself a little awe struck which doesn’t happen very often!

  42. Dive with sharks!

    Speaks for itself!

  43. Learn Burlesque!

    So this is partially to do with the fact I have a corset that I have worn once, and mostly to do with that I was planning on doing a begginers class that they are running during the fringe program but I have just logged on to find that they have all sold out :( however not to dispair I have found the website of the gals that are running it and……..they do classes all through the year! yay yay yay! so along with everything else that I am planning this year I have decided that I am going to committ to at least a 5 week beginners course by the end of the year!

  44. drive a race car

    Ok so I’m cheating a little with this one but as a kid it was always a bit of a plan of my brothers and mine to get a speed way car and/or demo car going and race it as both my dad and grandfather use to race when they were young and although we never got to see either of them race as kids we grew up heading of to watch special Speedway and demo derby nights at the good old Murray Bridge Speedway. Well……..this last couple of weeks have been a fair whirlwind in my life but to cut a long story short today I got to race my  brothers panelvan dirt circuit racing! The idea was sparked in my partner after painting an old friend of my brothers race car a few weeks ago and from there the it has been all go with an awesome team of guys to get the van race ready in 2 WEEKS! for the practice meet day today at Truro and districts dirt circuit club. Ah I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun, pretty tired now tho! Will add a picture soon :-)

  45. Win the ladies dirt circuit championship!

    Just to further on from number #44 well seeing as I’m gonna be racing no reason why I can’t try and be a little competitive amongst the fun!  I’ve never really been a competitive type but would give me some great cred with the team and pit crew (not to mention my kids when they’re old enough to appreciate it!) First race is in a fortnight!

  46. Bungee jump

    I reckon it might just help realign my entire body!

  47. Learn to play the piano

    We recently acquired a piano from a friend who no longer had any use for it as my daughter Zerlina really took a liking to it when we were around their house one day and was having a good play with the sounds. So I thought it might be not only a great interest and focus for her to have but a great therapeutic tool for her as she gets older and continues to grow and adapt to life.I learned basic music in high school and played the saxophone for a couple of years rather unsuccessfully but have always had an interest in music and have wanted to and be able to properly add a musical instrument to my varying list of talents and it would be a great shared interest to have with miss Z :)

  48. Go on a holiday/adventure with my mum!

    My mum is one of the most important people in my life and I would like to give something back to her for all she has done for me by taking her on a holiday/adventure. We both have a love of gardening and are subscribers to the diggers club and so a trip to their home gardens in Victoria has been on the “to do” list for a couple of years now………

  49. Home school my kids

    This is something I’ve been thinking more and more about lately as my childrens education is something that I feel very strongly about and especially how they are taught and what they are learning. It would be a huge challenge for me to be focused and committed but it is part of the “big picture” in our lives and what we are wanting for the future of our family and giving our kids he most well rounded and best opportunities for their future.

  50. Write a song

    this is just a random entry………..probably inspired by my love for music.

  51. attend a Birdsville Cup meeting

    One of the legendary bush race meetings combining bush culture and thoroughbred racing would be an absolute blast!

  52. meet Russell Brand

    I reckon hed be a pretty cool person to meet and have a D&M with!

  53. Build an Earthship

    Ok so I have fallen in LOVE! would like to say it was for the first time and I guess in a way it is but I think that I have finally found the missing piece to my elaborate life puzzle and it comes in the form of an Earthship! what’s an Earthship you ask? it is the most innovative self sustaining futuristic type of living home that you can imagine! it is the way of the future (or at least my future!) and works with all of my personal ideals of sustainability and holistic living :) and so the Earthship makes it onto my 100 things list, will be a long term plan but one that brings everything together!

  54. Meet Alicia Moore aka Pink!

    Simply cos she rock’s!

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