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  1. Pull a beer

    Find a cooperative pub, and go behind the counter and pull a beer for a customer.  I don’t drink beer, don’t like beer, so it has to be a pretty game customer and a pub happy to let me screw up.

  2. Put One Of My Novels On Kindle

    I’ve participated five times in National Novel Writing Month:  chicklit, science fiction, murder mystery, urban fantasy, steampunk.  I’ve just read a novella so bad on Kindle that my novels look like poetry in comparison.

  3. Antarctica

    Go to Antarctica, photograph the icebergs, experience the solitude and silence, see the penguins, drink ice water, probably pee myself inside my snow suit.  Antarctica is the only continent I haven’t wet myself on.

  4. Have a skiing lesson

    I’ve never ski’d.  Think it’s about time I gave it a crack. A lesson on Donna Buang would do.  I have no huge skiing ambitions.  Just to stand up and slide a bit.

  5. Renaissance Fair

    Go to a big Renaissance Fair, in costume, and attend the whole thing.  Drink mead, eat a turkey leg(ugh), watch the jousting, meet the birds of prey.

  6. Get Remarried in Las Vegas

    I got married in South Africa with lion cubs as my ring bearers.  Now I want to renew my wedding vows in Las Vegas, with an Elvis impersonator officiating.

  7. Walk the Great Wall of China

    Maybe not all of it.  Part of it.

  8. Ride the Trans-Siberian Express across Asia

    I’ll stick out like a sore thumb on the Vodka train.  I’m allergic to Vodka.

  9. Learn to Juggle With Three Balls

    I can juggle two, never mastered three.

  10. Tandem Hang Gliding

    I’ve tried to make this happen several times but no one is forthcoming with info on where I can find a group willing to take me up.

  11. Feed The Deer in Nara

    Nara, Japan.  Deer in park.  They want to eat your pocket guide maps, right out of your jeans.  I want to experience that, then take back the map and give them something nice to eat instead.

  12. Stage Dive

    I want to dive off a stage and crowd surf.  Need cooperative, gentle crowd, and a stage somewhere.  It need not be at a concert. Actually, would prefer if it wasn’t.  Random crowd at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl would suffice, especially if it’s a classical music afternoon.

  13. Area 51

    Get as near to Area 51 as I can, and drive the UFO highway.

  14. Drive an American car on Route 66

    I’ve never driven on the right(wrong)side of the road.  I’m an Aussie.

  15. Nepal

    Visit Nepal.

  16. On the Spot Poems

    Sit in a cafĂ© for a day with a sign reading ON THE SPOT POEMS $5.  I am a professional poet, it wouldn’t be hideous.

  17. Overcome Scuba Diving Fear

    I have a real problem with having my face covered, and belts or restrictions across my chest or collar bones.  I get panicky.  No idea why.  Past life stuff?Anyway, six months ago, I decided I was finally going to have a crack at Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Total fail.  As soon as I saw that skin of water over my head, I freaked out and had to get out of the water all together.  I’m not a strong swimmer, mostly self-taught.I am hoping to overcome this, have lessons, and finally be able to go on a trip to Bimini with a friend and swim with wild dolphins and go down to the ocean floor.

  18. Skydive in a tutu.

    Enter a description

  19. Guerilla Gardening

    Plant bulbs in gardens and in areas not cared for by the council or owned by anyone

  20. Burning Man

    Go to Burning Man, either in Australia, or the USA.

  21. Sleep under the stars

    Outdoor camping, preferably near Uluru

  22. Orient Express

    Ride the Orient Express, even though it’s mega expensive.

  23. Underwater hotel

    Spend the night in an underwater hotel

  24. Storm Chasing

    Chase tornadoes in the USA

  25. Trevi Fountain

    Throw three coins in the Trevi Fountain, Rome.

  26. Loch Ness Monster

    Scotland, Loch Ness, look for Nessie.

  27. Blue Lagoon

    Swim in the blue lagoon, Iceland

  28. Message In A Bottle

    Put a message in a bottle and toss it into the ocean

  29. 1000 paper cranes

    Fold 1000 paper cranes. First, learn how to fold cranes.

  30. Firewalk

    Walk on hot coals.

  31. Kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower

    Enter a description

  32. Great Wall of China

    Walk sections of the Great Wall of China.

  33. Breed unicorns

    Turn goats into unicorns a la Oberon Zell Ravenheart

  34. Helicopter

    Go on a helicopter ride over somewhere beautiful

  35. Float in the Dead Sea

    Enter a description

  36. Sleep in a castle

    Enter a description

  37. Live by the beach

    Enter a description

  38. Deliver a baby

    Enter a description

  39. Speaker on a cruise ship

    Speaking about: my amazing autobiography; teaching creative writing; teaching belly dance

  40. Stand Up Comedy Routine

    Enter a description

  41. Meet SARK and give her a big juicy hug.

    Enter a description

  42. Have a helicoper lesson

    Enter a description

  43. Conduct a public pagan ritual.

    I want to conduct a large public witchy ritual for one of the 8 Sabbats of the year, for as many campaigners as possible, to show them the beauty of the Wheel of the Year and a belief system they may know very little about.

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