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  1. Hot Air Ballooning

  2. Get married in Vegas

  3. Say yes to everything for a week

  4. One weeks silence

  5. Write and publish a book

  6. Build a child’s cubby house

  7. Learn salsa dancing

  8. Work at an orphanage

  9. Walk from sunrise to sunset

  10. Go to Timbuktu

  11. Tantric lesson

  12. Live with a tribe for a week

  13. Meditate in India

  14. Volunteer helping a charity

  15. Live in France for 4-6 months

  16. Move to Melbourne

    After three years of dreaming about a place that originally fascinated me, I have taken the plunge and moved to Melbourne. Like all dreams, it was a bit scary but it’s amazing.

  17. Skydive

    This item was on my mind’s list for quite some time, and at the end of last year I literally took the plunge. The most scariest but exhilarating thing I’ve ever done in my life.

  18. Trek in South America

  19. Help build a home for the less fortunate

  20. Drive around Australia in a comby

    This list item is probably the oldest one. To set out and do a tour of my own country, and discover it’s amazing beauty is something I’d love to do twice. Once before children, and once with. Two very different amazing experiences.

  21. Elephant ride

  22. Sail the seas

  23. Learn French until fluent

    Although only up to level 3 in the language, I’m on my way to fluency.. i hope :)

  24. Sing with street performers

    I hope to accomplish this list item overseas, on a loud and merry ol’ night in New Orleans perhaps.

  25. Learn Samarui swording in Japan

    With my sister’s love for the country, and my love for the kick ass females in Kill Bill.. I added this one to learn something completely unknown to me.

  26. Burning Man Festival

    To lose all of one’s inhibitions while soaking up the true nature of land, music, expression of self, and people, this list item is one of my favourites. 

  27. Glastonbury Festival

  28. Have children

  29. Get married

  30. Make sculptures children can climb on

  31. Climb the wall of china

  32. Wine appreciation course

    Oh for the love of wine

  33. Baristas course

  34. Make a patchwork quilt

  35. TBA

  36. Be a Manly Sea Eagles mascot for a game

  37. Do rumadan

  38. Follow the Tour de France

  39. Learn to surf

  40. Go to Antarctica

  41. Do the Inca trail

  42. Do the Kokoda trail

  43. Run a marathon

    Working in quarters. 1/4 complete :)

  44. Do a long bike ride

    I’m setting out in November to ride 200kms (Sydney to Camden and back) to raise money for cancer. I can’t wait for the challenge.

  45. Read my Classics List

    WIth a love for Penguin Books and the good ol’ classics, I’ve decided to read every book on my Classics List. I haven’t yet put one together yet, and may source one from my brother who has his own (and read most of the books on it), but while I’m doing that, I will start with what I have.The Great GatsbyBreakfast at Tiffany’sA Clockwork Orange

  46. Watch my classic films list

    Enter a description

  47. Paraglide

    Enter a description

  48. Wakeboard

    Enter a description

  49. Drive around Tasmania

    Enter a description

  50. Buy a house/make a home

    Enter a description

  51. Live on a deserted island for a week

    Enter a description

  52. Skinny dip

    Enter a description

  53. Visit a Fortune Teller

    Enter a description

  54. Throw a dart at a map and visit the country it lands on

    Enter a description

  55. African Safari

    Enter a description

  56. Unknown destination train ride – added by my cousin Mia

    Enter a description

  57. Buy a piece of clothing off a stranger – added by my friend Bec

    Enter a description

  58. Street Art – added by my sister Bec

    Enter a description

  59. Sit down and wait for someone to sit next to you, then begin a conversation – added by my sister Bec

    Enter a description

  60. Drive on Route 66

    Enter a description

  61. Attend the gatherings of at least three different and diverse religions

    Enter a description

  62. Do something for the shock value

    Enter a description

  63. Complete a Triathalon

    Enter a description

  64. Walk the complete Camino De Santiago Trail

    Enter a description

  65. Piano fluently

    Enter a description

  66. Guitar fluently

    Enter a description

  67. Surprise someone

    Enter a description

  68. Trek New Zealand

    Enter a description

  69. Be in two places at once

    Enter a description

  70. Milk a cow

    Enter a description

  71. Walk from one country to another

    Enter a description

  72. Create a business

    Enter a description

  73. Carnivale Brazil

    Enter a description

  74. Go to Russia with dad

    Enter a description

  75. Complete an overseas desert challenge

    Enter a description

  76. Enter a description

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