Number 39- Read the TV Weather Report

Wow! Could there be a more fun job?
For the past 5 weeks since we’ve been in Canada, Global News have been following our 100Things journey very tightly and so when we rang them and asked if we could read the weather on their evening news show, we were stoked to get a positive response.
A day of training on Thursday was the only preparation we had for the Saturday weather report and with a province of people tuning in to hear a sunny forecast for Sunday’s big CFL clash between the Roughriders and the Blue Bombers, the pressure was certainly on!
Thanks to Roddy and Jeff for sourcing me possibly the most ridiculous baby blue 70′s suit for the report, we think we scraped by without offending too many people. There were of course a few mistakes made but we think that the cheesy one-liners made up for these slight glitches.

Evening News Guest Reporter had no fashion sense!
Full story still to come…

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