Number 75- Pose Nude for an Art Class

“Ten minutes starts now!”

Thirty artists eagerly commit charcoal to canvas as I stand naked in front of them. Although I am completely out of my comfort zone, I remain composed. All I can hear is my heart beat.
My body is still but I can’t help but dart my eyes around the room in an attempt to catch the eye lines of the busy artists; what are they looking at?
A bead of sweat has squeezed its way out of my arm-pit and slowly meanders down my torso. Eight minutes remain in my first pose.

Pose Number 1- “The Optimist”!

Hidden behind the numerous easels surrounding the stage are gathered some of Americas best known artists including Will Cotton, who pops his head over the top of his canvas to view me. Shaping a pistol with his hand, he points directly at my body before closing his left eye and staring down the barrel past his extended thumb. Moments later, after gaining perspective and scale, he pulls the trigger and begins to sketch. Exaggerated strokes on his canvas suggest he is starting with my torso, but who knows!

Pose Number 2- The Uke

Next to me sits another naked model. She is an attractive girl and is very comfortable without clothes on. I ask under my breath if talking to her during the pose is deemed OK to which she replies “Not really”. That ends my line of questioning. I stare at the far wall and wonder if someone has left a window open; it’s cold- this could be a problem.

Two minutes left and my legs suddenly feel heavy as my thigh muscles begin to spasm. They are not used to staying still for so long. My balance is affected and I begin to sway for no apparent reason. My rogue bead of sweat has gathered momentum and passes my hip as it B-lines it for the floor.

Without the luxury of a watch I can only hope that ten minutes is just about up. My feet are sore and I’m already finding it hard to concentrate.

“OK guys, that’s ten minutes but I love the pose! Can you hold if for another ten?”

The final product!

To be continued…

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