Number 80- Have Something Named After Me

I always thought it would quite nice to have something named after you. Being able to walk past a quiet park bench or some other obscure object would surely draw a proud smile and offer an interesting story.

The funny part of this however is that with stadiums, bridges, boats and even roads being named in honour of truly special people, the potential of this item is endless.

This page is dedicated to all the kind offers from people around the world who have decided to name something after me.

Thanks to everyone who has made an offer and if you think you’d like to name something after me, please let me know on

  • The ‘Fillo de Seb’- a delicious sandwich made at Bryas Cafe in Moe, Melbourne
  •   Sebastian Terry- a fantastic black Lab (dog) in Melbourne
  •  Sebastian Terry- a stuffed animal which 12 year old Sophie made in a Textiles Class.
  • James Malcolm Sebastian Macleod- Roddy & Janita’s third child (Canada)
  • The ‘Seb Terry Shield’- an award given to the most community focused and adventurous player at the Helensburgh Rugby League Club

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