Number 9- Be in A Dance Video Clip

I’m not going to lie, I am not a dancer! Simple. But when offered a chance to audition for a music clip for the Young Divas, I jumped at the opportunity!

In a casting room with professional dancers, theatre legends and beautiful people, I felt completely out of place. However an audition which strangely didn’t require any dancing but only the answering of one simple question; Can you dance?¬†helped me score the part of ‘Boyfriend Number 1′.

‘Wear a black shirt!’ That was my only order. Perfect! I had the ideal shirt (my favourite in fact). Little did i know that when I would put the shirt on on-set, it would have a huge white streak of dirt across the front! Enter wardrobe-man…

“That’s too dirty! I have just the shirt for you instead. Wear this!” claimed the on-set wardrobe man.

Yes the replacement shirt was black, but it had no sleeves, a high turtle-neck and was so tight it looked painted on! It would have to do.

Number 9- Be in a Music Video Clip- TICK!

I would have to get used to the embarrassment.

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