Number 91- Plant a Tree

On the 9th June, 2010, not only did we celebrate our 1st Birthday of 100Thing, we also ticked off an item from the list, Number 91- Plant a Tree.

Weeks earlier, me and few friends had climbed a small mountain called “Le Saleve” in Switzerland. The intention was to scale the mountain and make a small a BBQ at the summit. After 5 hours of walking/scrambling, we reached the plateau which marked the top and decided to explore the luscious surrounds. Aiming for a cluster of trees that sat alone on top of a near-by green hill, we crossed the small gorge that separated us, and charged up the incline hoping for the ideal BBQ spot.

The result was amazing. Once through the trees, we had literally reached the edge of the mountain. West facing, we all stood there gazing at the incredible view that now sat ahead of us; the snow-covered French Alps. Not only this, but we were also standing on a perfect little outcrop of grass, fit for any make-shift BBQ.

My Chestnut Tree (Day 1) French Alps in Background

With the sounds of cowbells in the distance, we created our BBQ and cooked up some glorious steaks (one of which I dropped into ashes- sorry Matty!). It was perfect. So memorable was the entire adventure that morning, that half way through the meal, I decided that this spot would also be the ideal place to plant a tree.

Matty, a fellow travelling Aussie, decided that he also wanted to plant a tree and week later another friend Fuzzy, from the south of France, also decided to come along.

Fuzzy, myself and Big Matty (our trees surrounding us)

So it was a few weeks later, on the 9th June, that we again scaled Le Saleve and planted 3 baby trees. We have agreed to meet at the exact spot in 10 years to check up on the progress of our trees. I have images of sitting underneath them, leaning against a huge trunk, reading a book!

Leaving shot of our tree as we walk back down towards the gauge

(Full Story soon)

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