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WHAT IS A CAMPAIGNER? Well in short a campaigner is anyone who has their own list and would like to share it with us. By becoming a campaigner, you’re able to create your very own profile and keep it updated with all your stories, pics and updates. Joining a community of like minded people, you’ll be able to set goals and begin to knock them over in a completely supportive environment.

With the functionality to edit your profile, add to your list, upload stories, pictures, video and links and even communicate with other Campaigners in our on-line commiunity, you’ll be able to run your very own profile page like a real-time blog. Not only will it act as your own reference to your progress but you’ll be able to tell your mates, familiy and anyone else who’s supporting your efforts.

As well as this, you can also raise money for Camp Quality by getting your followers to donate via your page.

If you’re keen to start your very own campaigner page, click on the top right box and create your list!

If you were going to die tomorrow, what would you change today?

Tips on using your profile:

Just create your own account by clicking on the “Join Here” link on the right hand-side of the Home page. After adding your name, screen name and password, then choose to create your own blog. After activating your account you’ll need to create your own post that showcases your own list. To do this please do the following:

Creating your List-

To create your list, click on Dashboard > Add New Post.
 On this blank page you can create and write your list (remember to give your list a name in the title box). When completed, click on Publish. Once published click on View Post. Whilst viewing your new list post, copy the the URL from the Address Bar and click on the HOME link. Then hover over and click My Account > Profile > Edit. Paste the copied URL in the field titled Link to your 100 Things. Hit Save Changes and proceed. You have now linked your list to your profile. The list can be found by clicking. View my 100 Things on your profile page. You are now underway!

Editing/Adding to Your List-

To edit your list, click on View My List and then edit this entry which will appear in the top right of your list. Edit, add or change your list as needed and then press the Update button. All changes are automatically saved.

What do I do when I complete an item? Creating a link)-

In the same way that you created your initial list post (see above), hover the cursor over My Sites > My list (whatever you titled it) >New Post. On this blank page you can create and write your story (pics and video links can be added accordingly), remembering to give the post a title. When finished press Publish. When the page is published, click on View Post and again copy the URL from the address bar. With the URL copied, click on your Profile page and the View My 100 Things. Once on your list page, click edit this entry and in the edit mode highlight (with the cursor) the item that you have just written about. Whilst highlighted, click the small ‘link’ icon at the top of the edit box (top row, 10 from the right- it looks like two chain links) and paste the copied URL in the box that pops up. Then press Add Link. Finally click Update to save all changes. You have now created a link on your initial list page that can be clicked and viewed by everyone. You are now one item closer to completing your list!

Adding a Photo to your posts-

To jazz up your page and to prove that you completed your item by way of picture, you can add a photo by clicking on the small star icon located next to the words Upload/Insert located directly top left of the edit box. In the new pop-up box, click Select Files and choose a photo to upload from your computer (your photo must already be saved to your computer). Once uploaded add a caption (optional) and choose an appropriate size (medium is recommended) and then click Insert Into Post. Click Update to complete your post! Looking good!

Adding Video- Using YouTube as your source for storing your videos, copy the YouTube URL for your specific video and simply paste it into your post.

100 Things… What’s on your list?

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