Number 50- Throw a Party- TICK!

In the aftermath of one of the craziest nights in recent time, I finally get a chance to reflect on what was one of the most enjoyable ticks from the list yet!

Number 50- Throw a Party

As you might have heard, the 100 Things book was officially released on December 1st, 2011. As such I threw a party- why not really?

With all proceeds going to the Camp Quality charity who I’m trying to raise $100,000 for, about 150 people showed up to the harbor side venue of Customs House to celebrate and support the night. Just quietly I have a feeling the majority of those people would have woken up with a sore head the next morning!

On the program was Rachelle Medley our amazing singer, the Moustache DJz who also rocked the joint with great tunes, and the night was held together by the ever-talented TV personality Hamish Macdonald who MC’d the night. Kel from Katshu Marketing donated her time to organize the night and food, drink, photography and all of the other bits that make an event possible were all donated in kind! To these people I want to say a huge thanks as without doubt this journey would not be possible with such kind gestures! It would be a little silly of me not to thanks Random House for asking to write a book!


With the party in full swing and amongst a smiling and vocal crowd, I managed to grab a reflective moment where I stood back and witnessed the scene from the distance. On the outside it was a great evening, but more powerful than this was the sense of community present. These people did not know each other. Other than a few groups of friends, these guys were complete strangers but having come together for the one cause we all connected. In aid of Camp Quality and also to support my first book, these people not only shared but actually created an environment of complete bliss.

Laugher Yoga thanks to Camp Quality

The auction and raffle prizes were snapped up with excitement. The book seller was kept busy all night. I managed to get cramp from signing what felt like a million books and we all laughed together. It was incredible. I even remember signing a book for Australian swimming legend Leisel Jones at some stage which I admit seemed particularly strange!

Leisel with a smile just as cheesy as mine on the cover

If there was any proof needed that the night was a success, I was handed a piece of paper by Kel whilst giving a thank you speech which showed the total amount of money raised on the night. The figure was incredible; $8,500!

This means that we are now somewhere near the $30,000 in total money raised for the great guys down at Camp Quality. I am absolutely stoked! Thank you to everyone who took the time to come down and donate and even donate on-line!

Thanks to Stop The Clock Photography for all the pics!

For those of you who weren’t able to enjoy the night I do hope to meet you at another stage soon but for now I’m off to practice writing shorter messages for those who ask me to sign a book! I filled pages upon pages.

Number 50- Throw a Party- TICK

100 Things… What’s on your list?

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