December 22nd, 2011… Amazing People

It’s early on a Thursday morning, just 4 days out from Christmas, and it’s only now that it’s struck me how strange my current routine is. As I sit here making a to-do list of all the little things that I need to do before the week is out, the first 3 items read:

1- Email man about Bollywood Movie audition (Number 7)
2- Contact man to confirm a date for my first boxing match (Number 22)
3- Talk to Golf Course about a Christmas Hole-in 1 attempt (Number 18)

I hear that most people around this time are busy Christmas shopping!

One thing that stands out for me above all else on this journey is the goodness in people that I’m lucky enough to witness every day of my life. Yesterday was no different when I met up with an incredible lady by the name of Tamara.

The Lille Fro Foundation

Tamara used to be a lawyer. After a workplace aptitude test suggested that she was in the wrong career, she decided on the spot that she needed to address her untapped creativity and drive, and so quickly ended up in training to climb Mount Everest (as you do!). Traveling to Northern India with a plan on doing some warm-up climbs she stumbled one day upon an mountain pass, high up in the snow, that she was told was restricted to climb over. Too high to climb without risk of becoming stuck at altitude in temperatures of minus 30 degrees, it was the fact that there was a remote village on the other side of the pass, unseen by a Westerner, that led her to attempt to reach it. A brave move, it then took a day of climbing and trekking before she successfully reached the village and it was this moment that changed her life.

Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, after her most grueling climb yet, she had found a group of people who were in need. They had nothing. Not only adults but children too. Settling in what she describes as one of the most beautiful yet remote places in the world, this community had been cut off from the society in more than just a physical way. Their impoverished and helpless situation struck a chord with her and on the spot she decided to help. This she began to do by funding a child to receive an education.

Although a great gesture, it then dawned on Tamara that if after just one treacherous trek she was able to help one child, surely there were many more kids up in the mountains that were also in need. This though grew on her and so she decided to forget about Everest and embark on a mission just as hard; to help these hidden communities high up in the mountains.

A few years on Tamara talks with passion about the charity that she subsequently started, the Lille Fro Foundation. It focuses on helping the hard to reach communities.

Not only is Tamara now making a huge difference but her cause is growing and growing. Having attracted support by the Indian government, as well as powerful groups and individuals throughout the world, the Lille Fro Foundation promises to continue to take huge steps forward in 2012. I’m very glad to say that Tamara and I are now chatting about ways to work together. Just quietly, Number 66- Trecharous Trek is one thing that I can’t stop thinking about!

It’s amazing what people can do when they find purpose. Who’d of though a workplace aptitude test could be so useful!

Please check out her charity here

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