January 3rd, 2012… Campaigner Snapshot

A Strange Week and Our First “Campaigner Snapshot!”

If you read yesterday’s blog you would know that this week is shaping up to be one of the most bizarre that I’ve ever had. Sadly until next week, i can’t tell you why though.

All I can say is that so far it has involved a chicken-suit, a g-string, a full body wax and a possible flight to England! That’s just the start of it!

Watch this space!

Our Campaigners

The 100 Things journey is one that has developed into a journey of many. The Campaigner’s part of this site is testament to this and with hundreds of people joining up so far in the new year I thought it would make sense to talk about a few of these guys as the year unfolds. For no particular reason I think I’ll call these updates the ‘Campaigner Snapshots’.

What is a Campaigner?

A campaigner is someone who has not only made their own list of things to do but also has decided to start their very own profile on the 100 Things website. By starting a profile, a campaigner is able to share their list, interact with other campaigners and edit and update their lists as they go! It’s exactly what I do!

So in no particular order, here is the first cab off the rank this year; he likes to be called ‘Diamond’ Dave.

Dave ‘Diamond’ Nixon

This a man on mission. Dave has one item on his list; stop drinking alcohol for the duration of 2012. Simple, right? Well perhaps it is but Dave is not only doing this for his own good but he’s also trying encourage others to join him, all in the name of Camp Quality. What a legend!

Here’s a quick video presented by Dave himself and if you’re keen to join him, his details are at the end of the video. Now 3 days in to his challenge, just don’t ask to meet him at a pub.

Good luck mate!

To join Dave and the rest of our amazing campaigners, just click on the ‘Become a Campaigner’ button on the right hand side of the HOME page and start sharing!

100 things… What’s on your list?

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