January 23rd, 2012… A Flat Tyre & A Full List

This week I start training for Number 22- Have a Boxing Match. With a fight date still to be confirmed, training is the one thing I can take into my own hands and so yesterday it began when I rocked up to the local boxing gym. Just as I hopped off my scooter readying myself for an hour of training, I coincidentally noticed a lady broken down in her car on the main road across from where I was parked. Walking over and offering a helping hand, she pointed down at her front right tyre which was flat as a tac. Having never changed a tyre in my life, I decided to overlook this otherwise important fact and began the process of taking the wheel off. Luckily it was straight forward.

Dirty Work...

As you might imagine when meeting someone for the first time, the conversation quickly went to the topic of occupation and after answering questions for 5 minutes whilst knelt down beside the car about what it is that I do with my life, the lovely lady was entirely confused with me as a person.

“That’s strange! I don’t even have a list. I’ve just never thought of it” she said at one point.

Now sadly I hear this sentence a lot when talking to someone about lists and my usual response is this;

“Well surely you have at least one goal in your life. It could be absolutely anything?”

After some further thought she replied,

“Well I’ve just learnt to swim! I’m actually completing the local 2km ocean swim next weekend!”

There you go- you do have a list!

With that I suggested that she should grab a pen and paper and jot down some more goals that sprung to her mind. This is exactly what she did and by the time i’d replaced her front wheel (which thankfully was easier than I thought) she’d come up with a list of 5 things. From Number 1- Keep my car clean to Number 4- Learn to Meditate, her list consumed her thoughts.

Five steps to happiness?

As she stared at her list, she seemed almost confused as she read each item to me. She’d never thought of her list up until this point and it took her car to breakdown for her to consider it for the first time!

Thirty minutes after saying hello, I left the amused lady with one brand-new tyre but more importantly a brand-new list. As we shook hands she promised to let me know how she went in her ocean swim. As for me, well I then went to my boxing lesson and got in trouble for being late!

Life is great!

100 Things… What’s on your list?

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