February 2nd, 2012… Hello Taylor Swift?

After giving a talk to an audience of 1,200 people from AMP last week, I received an email a few days later from a man who was in the crowd. His email was titled ‘Special Request for Sick Teenager’. Intrigued as to what this meant, I quickly read his email which explained a situation that immediately struck a chord with me.

“Hi Sebastian
After hearing you speak so passionately at the AMP convention in Canberra last week and the great work you have been doing for Camp Quality, I thought I would write to see if you can help with a special request I have received from one of my SES Volunteer colleagues. He has a very sick Daughter who has recently become very ill with a rare condition that will not allow her to digest food, which has had a significant effect on her lifestyle.
She is motivated by the Music of Taylor Swift and has purchased tickets to see her concert in Sydney in March. She would ultimately love to meet Taylor Swift.
I just thought there may be a slim chance you may have a contact to make this happen.
I have attached her story that she recently sent me……  

Bridget's Letter

It reads;

‘Well Hello,
My name is Bridget and I am 14 and this is my story well a very short version any way  When I was 13 I became very sick and started vomiting, about a month went by and the vomiting was continually getting worse. Now every time I eat or drink even a sip of water I throw it all back up again. Two days before Christmas I had an endoscopy and the doctor gave me some medicine I was allowed to go home so that I could have Christmas at home but on Boxing Day the medicine hadn’t fixed me so I was admitted into the children’s hospital. I had a feeding tube put in, was on a drip and a few other beeping machines and I was pricked and prodded with needles and cold hands. Since then I have seen about 30 doctors and had many many tests. I vomit at least 20 times a day. The hardest part of my illness is that it is “undiagnosed” so I am treated a bit like an experiment. I have many stays in hospital and I have since deteriorated so now my feeding tube goes into my small intestine. My life is very different from the “normal” kids as I don’t get to go to school very often and I don’t get to do many activities or go over to people’s houses cause I am sick and my energy levels are very low. A person who has inspired me to keep going and never give up is Taylor Swift she has inspired me to start playing guitar it keeps my mind off feeling sick and it helps me express my feelings. The guitar also provides me with something constructive to do with my time. I listen to Taylor’s music daily it gives me the courage to keep going with my life and when I am feeling down I just think what would Taylor do? Taylor has taught me to make a Positive situation out of a negative situation.  I know all of her songs and love to sing along to them even if I am feeling un-well and it always puts a smile back on my face. I aspire to be like Taylor, to be as kind as her as loving and caring as her. She is my role model my inspiration my idol. To meet Taylor Swift would be a dream come true it would also make living with a chronic illness just that little bit easier by giving me something to look forward to and aspire towards; it would be a moment I would remember for the rest of my life.
Kind regards Bridget’”

It’s rare in life that after reading something on a piece of paper that your body is filled with an immediate sense of purpose. Almost as if your brain has no say in the matter, determination and excitement combine to create one magnificent explosion of effort that you have no control over. After reading this email, I stood up and began to pace the room. There was only one thing that seemed important to me and that was to get in touch with Taylor Swift. If I knew where she lived I would have walked there!
A few days on now, having spoken to Bridget’s father, I already know that this is going to happen. There is no confirmation email from Taylor herself, nor is there an email from her manager telling me that Taylor is willing to help BUT I just know this is going to happen. I have no idea of course how, but I believe that if you throw yourself at any goal in the world with 100% of your efforts, there is nothing that is out of reach.
At this stage I have sent about emails to about 20 people who via the majesty of google look as though they might work with Taylor Swift in varying capacities. Through all of the media that I’ve been lucky enough to have approach me about my own journey of 100 Things in recent times, I’ve been able to approach a few TV networks as well as multiple radio stations who have all showed interest in helping and after a cheeky mention of my desire on my Facebook account, there are now hundreds of people selflessly lending a hand. As I write I’m told that Taylor’s management have been made aware of the situation.  In short- the ball is now rolling. I know what the target is but I have absolutely no idea how we’ll get there. To me, that’s the exciting part. This is when the world does it’s thing.
I could have probably saved this blog post until I had confirmation but that would be boring. I love the ‘chase’! It would also be remiss of me not to mention that if anyone reading this now thinks that they’d like to help Bridget, please CONTACT ME.
You may be able to help Bridget, and if you do I swear I’ll give you a massive hug!
100 Things… What’s on your list?

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