February 8th, 2012… YOU choose what I do!

For those of you who have read the 100 Things book, you’d know that the last 6 spots on my list are up for auction. For those of you who didn’t know- the last 6 spots on my list are up for auction  :)

The story goes that after I survived being shot in Colombia (Number 73 from the list), I realized for the first time in my journey that I had reached a point of contentment. Having completed 42 items at that time, I could feel that the journey was no longer just about items that I wanted to complete- there was something at play.

With this in mind I thought I’d auction off the remaining 6 blank items from the list, with all donations going towards Camp Quality. By doing so, we’d be getting closer to ticking off Number 4- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality!

To date I am in talks with a few organizations who have showed interest in choosing an item for me (each of whom will be donating a large amount to Camp Quality, of course) but today I’d like to talk about a man named Jan. Jan is the first individual who has asked to buy one of the vacant items from the list and after meeting in person for lunch today, I’m stoked to announce that we are going to confirm his choice of activity in the next few days. By doing so Jan will become the first person to buy one of the remaining 6 vacant items from the list!

Jan sharing his idea with me...

One observation from my own journey is that some of the happiest people I’ve met are the ones who are able to give back and help within the community. Whether it be on a personal level or a community-wide level, the philanthropic nature of these individuals is as refreshing as it is encouraging. We truly live in a world made up of amazing people. Why am I say this? Well when I sat down with Jan today, waiting to hear his suggestion for his chosen item on my list, i feared that he might ask me to do something silly like dress as a chicken and sing the national anthem (thankfully he didn’t as I already did this a few weeks ago whilst completing item Number 20- Yes Man!), but when he sheepishly asked whether I’d be open to donating blood, I could’t help but smile.

Having offered a large sum of money to donate to Camp Quality in return for choosing an item on my list, his request was completely selfless and entirely genuine. He could have thrown me under the bus, so to speak, but instead he just wanted to help someone in need. Someone he or I will never know.

“Sebastian, I also would like to join you and donate blood. Is that OK?”

I didn’t need to think about my answer; OF COURSE!

The sad part to the story is that when I rang the blood donor service half way through our lunch today, I was told immediately that due the fact that I’d spent more than 6 months in the UK in-between 1980 and 1996, I am not eligible to give blood! Admittedly this seemed strange but it was explained that it had something to do with the prevalence of Mad-Cow Disease in this time. Who am I to argue that?

With a confused look on my face, I turned to Jan and told him the bad news;

“That’s OK Sebastian. We’l find some other way to help someone in need! I still want to help and donate”

We are now looking for an alternative activity and will confirm something in the few days.

In life there are no problems, just solutions. Jan; you’re a legend and I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Watch this space!

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