February 14th, 2012… Bridget

You may remember me recently talking about Bridget, a young girl who sadly at the moment is in hospital dealing with an undiagnosed digestive illness?

Well after her parents got in touch with me, asking whether I could help make one of her dreams come true, I have spent days on end trying to do my part. For those of you who don’t know, Bridget’s one dream is to meet her idol; music sensation Taylor Swift.

Now after saying ‘YES! I’ll make it happen‘, I must admit that my sense of purpose is huge. The funny thing of course is that I have no idea how to get in touch with Taylor Swift, but I already know that i’ll make it happen…somehow.

Anyway, fast forward to last night and I received an email again from Bridget’s parents asking whether i’d be interested in visiting Bridget in hospital. My answer was again ‘YES!‘ and so last night I swiftly took myself down to Sydney Children’s Hospital to meet an incredibly brave little girl.

Approaching her bed and seeing her for the first time, (tubes and beeping machines surrounding us) Bridget’s smile was immense and after giving her a cheeky high-5 we began talking about her situation. Sixteen months into her sickness, Bridget (and doctors) are still unsure if she’ll ever return to her normal self but she talks with passion at the mention of Taylor Swift, whose songs she has since learnt to play on guitar. Unable to attend her school and being unable to consume food with the help of a drip that deposits food directly into her small intestine, Bridget is praying that there is a cure, if not a simple understanding, to her problem sooner rather than later. regardless her smile was just amazing. A brave and lovely little girl.

As a small gift I gave Bridget a copy of my book noticing that on page 295 there was a blank page dedicated to penciling down the reader’s own list, she got a pen and filled out the first blank item. No prizes for guessing that it read; ‘Meet Taylor Swift‘.

Not that I needed any more motivation to make this dream come true for Bridget, but if I did, this was it.

We all have dreams, no matter who or where we are, and i’m finding that there really isn’t a better feeling than helping others reach theirs.

Bridget, you are a legend and I will make this happen for you!

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