February 21st, 2012… Campaigner Update

With so many people joining up as Campaigners on the site now, I thought I;d share a few recent stories that put a huge grin on my face! These campaigners are awesome!


One of the biggest laughs I get when I give a motivational talk is when I show the crowd my Guinness World Record. I’ve now learnt to deal with the fact that a certificate, even that of a Guinness World Record, that lays claim to someone being able to crush the most amount of eggs with the big toes is not something that draws applause. The funny part of this story though is that one other record I looked at attempting to break was that of trying to eat the most amount of Ferrero Rochers in 1 minute. The record was surprisingly just 8! Needless to say I failed.

So why am I telling you this? Well after hearing me give such a talk in Perth recently, a man by the name of Michael (who I saw laughing at me when I held up my record!) decided that he too wanted to lay claim to a Guinness World Record and after joining up on the 100 Things website as a campaigner, he went about making his dream his come true. After some further research into potential records to break, Michael chose to try and beat the record for the ‘quickest time to eat 14 Ferrero Rochers’ which was actually 4 minutes and 2 seconds. Two days after his attempt, it is now my duty to tell you now how this record attempt went (drum role please): less than 48 hours after stuffing his face full of chocolate in a room full of supporters and an official timer supplied by Guinness World Records, Michael managed to eat a total of 14 Ferrero Rochers in a blistering time of 4 minutes and 10 seconds. Sadly though, this was not quite fast enough! Sorry Michael.

In what I think is the best reaction to this, Michael wrote me an email saying this:

“We had a fantastic day yesterday with my attempt to eat 15 Ferrero Rochers in under 4.02mins

I failed the attempt, got really nervous and a dry mouth as 45 of my mates turned up to support me. Even though I didn’t reach my goal, I had such an amazing day and got so much more from attempting than I ever imagined. Everyone who witnessed it said that had a blast- I’ll definitely be attempting it again.

We also raised and donated $100 to Camp Quality via your website link.

Thanks for the inspiration”

Michael and a face full of chocolate shortly after beginning his record attempt!

Michael, we commend you and well done for seeing that it’s not necessarily the record that puts the smile on your face but the journey of getting there. Your kind donation to camp Quality will go straight towards the 100 Things Camp Quality pool which is aiming to raise $30,000 for Camp Quality- Thank you!

I will keep you posted with Michael’s next attempt!


In other Campaigner news, I received an email a few days ago from a man called Cameron. Now similar to Michael, Cam saw me talk recently at a conference in Canberra. In the auditorium were 1,400 people and when I asked if there was anyone in the room who had a dream that they’d always wanted to achieve, Cam put his hand up and shared with us all that he’d always wanted to ride a bike down the side of a volcano!

As you might imagine, I’m a lover of stepping outside the comfort zone, and so when I spoke more to Cam and learnt that he’d researched a volcano in Bali which had bike access and that he had plans to visit it soon, I asked if he could keep me updated!

Needless to say he did, and so here is a photo that Cam sent me just a few days ago with the text;

“As promised, attached is a pic of me in Bali last week riding down Mt Batur, an active volcano in Kintamani, Bali. I hiked the summit with my buddy the day before. Amazing

Smashed out your book you gave me in Canberra at the conference, whilst over there as well. Truly Inspiring!

I now have the bug and life is more about living the dream than simply existing.

Live the dream, brother.


Have you ever ridden a bike down the side of a volcano? Cam has!

This is what my journey is now about, trying to help others. We are all capable of achieving the things that we’ve dreamed of, we just have to believe it. As Cam puts it; ‘Life is more about living the dream that simply existing’

Well said.

If you’d like to share your list and become a campaigner on the site, just click on the “Become a Campaigner” button on the home page!

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