March 1st, 2012… Our Very First ‘Email of the Week!’

Last week you may remember that I shared with you a lovely letter that I received from a complete stranger, telling me how the 100 Things journey had encouraged her to create her own list. One item from her list was to visit Hawaii and so she was ecstatic to tell me that she had finally given herself ‘permission’ to do this by buying herself a ticket. Simple, right? Anyway the response to that post was immense and so I thought that I would start a weekly post creatively titled ‘Email of the Week’. At the end of the day I think it’s always a good thing to see how this journey affects people in different ways and it’s often these stories that hold just as much inspiration as anything that I speak about.

So here for the first time in an official capacity is our ‘Email of the Week’. It’s from a lovely lady called Amanda who has been following 100 Things for quite some time now.

“Hi Seb
100things is probably the single most imspiring thing that has come into my life in such a long time, and it came into my life in such an unexpected way. A couple of years ago, I was up really early on a Sunday, and happened to have Sunrise on the TV. Your story caught my attention immediately! I was so completely inspired by your journey, and at a point in my own life where things just werent working. I emailed you, to get more information, and I have never looked back. Fast forward a couple of years, and I have become a campaigner, attended your book launch, purchased your book, and ticked items off my own list with gusto. Not only am I now inspired by your story and journey, I am in awe of the other campaigners and their guts in living their lives so fully. I have so far ticked 5 things off my list this year, and my proudest moment to date is the Life Coaching business that I have recently launched. Although I had the skills, qualifications, experience and passion to do this work, I never added it to my list because I lacked the confidence. Less than 3 months after dismissing the idea, I am running Amanda Ortega Coaching, and I just KNOW that this business is going to work. Not only do I have the know how and confidence to do this, I am totally committed to helping others reach their full potential, and achieve their own dreams, through my coaching.

I can’t thank you enough for changing my life!!

Amanda Ortega”

The awesome Amanda

Best of luck Amanda with your new business and please keep us posted!

100 Things… What’s on your list?

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