March 15th, 2012… Email of the Week

Of late, the amount of people joining up as ‘Campaigners’ on the site is unbelievable. To me this is not just a figure that looks impressive when I view it but far more importantly is the idea that more and more people are now starting to address the more meaningful things in their lives. This week’s ‘Email of the Week’ therefore is from one of our newest campaigner called Mel. I would tell you more about her but why not just read what she has to say below.

Exciting time!

“Hey Seb!
I joined as a campaigner just over a month ago, yet I have been following your journey since the beginning. I emailed you when I received your book as a Christmas present, congratulating you on the mere fact that you have inspired so many people to take control of their lives. Recently I feel as though the 100 things journey has transpired into so much than how it began. Your determination to help Bridget meet Taylor swift is immeasurable and I see more and more people join up as a campaigner and share their lists each day! For me 100 things is also so much more than just creating and sharing my list.
Over the last few years, I’ve found it really tough to find people who are similar to me, who have a passion to take advantage of this life and all the amazing things we can do.This was when I read your book, and learnt about your campaigner’s site and concept. My attitude did a backflip, I stopped worrying about the past, and instead I started to look ahead with a mind full of ideas!
So 100things for me put all the type of people I’ve been looking to share my life with, in one place! What more could I want! In such a short time is has developed into so much more than I expected.

Recently I ticked off 2 items from my list. One being ‘be a motivational speaker’ (thanks for the advice you emailed me!) and also ‘feel as though I’ve made a difference’ after receiving an email from a young girl after my speech saying that I had made her realise that she can achieve anything she wants in life!’ What a compliment, how epic!
At the moment, to do with your campaigners I’m currently trying to get in contact with Hamish and Andy to tick off Tania Sherley’s goals of ‘Doing a prank with Hamish and Andy’. I’m also hopefully joining Phil Powderly in the 2013 Conquer Cancer Ride. I’m supporting Andrew Doyle at his first event (for his new business) ‘Cabaret for camp quality’. I’m hopefully going to fly to Sydney with a bunch of the campaigners to climb the Sydney harbour bridge to raise money for Camp Quality (you should tag along btw!) and I’m currently trying to organise to tick off my number #12 Treacherous Trek, which I would like to do whilst hiking through the Himalayas ( as they are the most treacherous mountains in the world, so I t just makes sense! J) , delivering school supplies too hard to reach communities, whilst accumulating kilometres walked to gain sponsorship (for amount of k’s walked), to then donated to Camp Quality (that sounded very confusing!)

My life is now filled with helping others and socialising with people just like me! And although it’s only over the internet, it feels like a part of my everyday life and thoughts. Having seen how life really can be taken from you when you least expect it, I know that 100 things is now a huge part of who I ‘am, the things I want to achieve in life, the people I want to associate with and what I make of this amazing thing called life.
You’ve created an unbelievable thing and I love thinking ahead to my future and having no idea what is going to happen, it’s completely thrilling! Like you said in your recent post about Bridget, there are times in life where things just seem right and at the moment that sentence sums up everything for me right now!
Thank-you and I do say I’m sorry for this being so long! ;)

Mel diving with sharks... one of the items from her newly created list!

If you fancy becoming a campaigner and connecting with people like Mel, jump on the home page and click the ‘Become a Campaigner’ button. I look forward to seeing your list!
100 Things… What’s on your list?

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