April 5th, 2012… Final Thoughts before my Boxing Match

I guess this is it; that feeling of the complete unknown. This is what I thrive on. Tonight I step into a boxing ring to tick off Number 22 from my list of 100 Things. For many, the idea of a boxing match instils images of blood, blows to the face and pain, but for me this challenge has nothing to do with any of that. Instead it’s about getting out of my comfort zone and facing a new challenge purely because I’ve identified it as important to me. This, I believe, is crucial to us; to constantly check-in and set goals that test us on varying levels.

As I mentioned yesterday, the man Ill be fighting is called Rod. He’s a big bloke with a friendly smile. He too is fighting because he enjoys spicing up his life, but if the truth be known it doesn’t matter who stands in the opposite corner for me, the challenge here is to just do it!

The fight tonight is an exhibition fight, meaning that there will be no official winner or loser, and although the idea of lifting your hands in victory is another goal that many share, my own victory will come when the bell to start the first round starts. It’s something to do with adrenalin, but I’d be silly to deny that it’s also the personal test. To step into a ring with a man who is intent of punching me in the face is confronting and it’s that feeling that I love experiencing.

Far from inimidating!

Win, lose or (pre-determined) draw, the idea of boxing is something that offers both a mental and physical challenge. With two blokes going at it 100%, there is nowhere to hide. The idea of letting go of all the normal things in life to try and hang on in what will be frantic state of mind for 3 rounds of boxing is so appealing to me. I think that it’s in these moments when everything else in the world is forgotten about that I truly live. Life is simple in these times and ironically it’s in these crazy moments that I gain absolute clarity.

I’m about 8 hours away from that first round bell ringing through a packed venue tonight and so I’m off to relax (or try to at least).

I am so excited about the event and I promise to reveal the outcome tomorrow. My predication? Two blokes will walk away with smiles on their bruised faces.

100 Things… What’s on your list?

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