August 12th, 2012- City2Surf 100 Things Event- TICK!

With more and more people joining up as ‘Campaigners’ on the
site and sharing their lists in our growing community, i’ve noticed that
there are many people who share the same goals. Amongst goals to climb
Machu Picchu in Peru, learning how to fly a plane and even writing a
book, one common goal shared by many is competing in Sydney’s famous
City2Surf fun-run.

Being a Sydney local I’ve always heard of this 14km race as being a
great fundraising event and also a great day out for runners of all
skills and experience. With the idea that 100 Things not only encourages
people to create lists but also to help one another out, it made
complete sense to me to arrange for these people to all meet up and
complete the challenge together. Unofficially it would act as the first
100 Things event- all in aid of Camp Quality of course!

So today I sit here, sweaty, smelly and with sore legs having not
only just completed the City2Surf, but having met 10 great people in the
process, all of who are now able to say with pride that they ticked
this item from the list. As a team- we did it!

Action-shot with some of the team!

Outside of the act of running through Sydney’s music-filled
city-scape and onwards past pristine harbor foreshore and beautiful
beaches, the real reason why we all smiled as we ran was that although
each of our stories were different, we ran with a shared goal- that of
crossing a finish line that we’d all identified as important for one
reason as another. In this came our purpose.

The Finish Line

I’d like to say a big thanks to CJ, Bec, Mel, Paul, Raj, Raj’s
brother, Bron, Tahnee, Mel, Brian, Carrie and all the others who ran
today but we weren’t able to meet up with. You’re all legends and
congratulations for ticking this item off your lists!

Because of these fantastic people, we’ve also managed to raise over $1,300 for Camp Quality!

Amazing day!

100 Things… What’s on your list?

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