August 22nd, 2012… This is the future of 100 Things

I think I must bore people when I say that this journey of 100
Things grows in a way that I have no control of. As silly as it sounds,
it’s true, but in this I trust.

The initial hope that my own list would offer some kind of purpose
and fulfillment for me personally certainly became a reality at some
stage previous to today but since then it’s development has more so
reflected the people who now follow and join this movement i.e you!

With the above in mind I just opened an email from someone who I met
recently whilst running at in Sydney’s City2Surf fun-run. Her name is
Bec and she joined the ’100 Things Fun Run Team’ for the race. A lovely
girl who was supporting her non-runner friend C.J who was also part of
our group, we all crossed the finish line arm in arm.

The 100 Things fun-run team (Bec on the right)

Bec’s email I think speaks volumes for the latest development of this adventure and so I thought I’d share it with you.

Welcome aboard Bec!

“Hi Seb,

I just wanted to write to u and thank u for being such an
inspiration. After the city to surf last sunday, u truly inspired me to
help others.

After meeting u and listening to CJ tell me about you and
what u are doing i started thinking about how i can make a difference
in someone’s life too.

Just 2 days after the city to surf i was at school and i
got news that a parent of a child in my class was diagnosed with brain
tumor. Their son is in my kindergarten class. The father is only 35yrs
old, his wife is only 28yrs old and they have 3 young children. The
oldest child is 5yrs old (his in my class), then a 4yr old and a little
bub that is only 9 months old.

The father had gone to work as usual and passed out. Only to discover he has a brain tumour.

My heart broke for this family; so young to be dealing with such a life changing illness.

After speaking to the mother and offering to help her son
at school with his homework and support him as much as i can, she told
me about their financial hardship. the father had been the sole provider
for the family.He sick pay ends in 3 weeks. they have a small apartment
in concord which they live in with their 3 children which they only
bought 2 yrs ago. She is struggling to keep up with the mortgage
repayments and medical bills. Each operation cost between
$10,000-30,000. He has had one operation so far.

So i’ve decided to organise a fundraiser to help raise
money to pay for his medical expenses. Im organising most of it through
the school community and the local community. Im hoping to host a trivia
night and have a silent auction of prizes. I will keep u informed on
how the fundraiser is progressing. Im still in the midst of trying to
organise a trust account for funds to be donated into. Then I start
looking for a local venue and hopefully source sponsors to donate
merchandise to be sold on the night at the silent auction.

Once again thank you for being such an inspiration and helping me help others.


For me it seems as though the best thing we can do in life is to help
someone else. The more I’m able to to do it myself, the more i’m
convinced of it and the more other people begin to do the same. This has
now become my purpose and my driver with this journey.

Bec, you’re incredible and well done for your efforts to help these guys. You are making a huge difference.

If you’d like to help someone, please register as a ‘Helper’ on the new ‘People Helping People‘ database. I think you’ll not only be helping a stranger but in doing so you’ll also be helping yourself.

If perhaps you feel you could help Bec raise some funds for the
family mentioned in her email, please let me know and i’ll connect you.

What a journey.

100 Things… What’s on your list?

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