June 13th, 2012… Camp Quality Fundraising

As you may know, Number 4 on the 100 Things list is to raise
$100,000 for Camp Quality. Currently we’re sitting a tiny bit above
$54,000 and the feeling of nearing the target with increasing pace is
just awesome. Just quietly I have a feeling that we’ll make the big
$100,000 mark by the end of the year!

The crazy part of this is that it’s not only me trying to raise the
money now, but in fact there are people all over the world who are
adding to this total by throwing their own fundraising events on behalf
of 100 Things.

Camp Quality is the amazing charity who bring smiles to the faces of
kids and families affected by cancer throughout Australia. With a belief
that laughter is the best medicine, Camp Quality take a holistic
approach to therapy. Having been involved in some of their programs
recently, I can vouch for the fact that these guys are simply amazing
and it’s because of this that I’m so proud to be supporting them.

In recent months, some of the fundraising events that people have
thrown on behalf of 100 Things have included trivia nights, cabaret
nights and school wear-your-own-clothes day. WIth so many creative ways
to raise funds, I’d love to tell you about the most recent idea which a
lady called Amanda has created.

Amanda heard about the 100 Things journey a while ago and quickly
signed up as a Campaigner. Sharing her list with everyone and beginning
to tick a few items from her list, she soon realized a dream of starting
a life coaching business called Amanda Ortega Coaching.

I recently received a lovely email from Amanda telling me that since
starting her list she had found purpose in her life. As such she made
the generous offer of giving back by throwing a fundraising event for
Camp Quality.

Amanda’s  Fundraiser:

For the month of July, Amanda has offered to donate 10% of all
face-to-face appointments through her business to Camp Quality, and by
doing so will be adding to the 100 Things target of $100,000.

If of course you’re interested in checking out Amanda business, please CLICK HERE. By doing so you’ll be donating to Camp Quality!

Amanda, thanks in advance for your knd gesture and let’s see what happens!

100 Things… What’s on your list?

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