October 30th, 2012- Structure!? What’s that?

A friend of mine asked me recently what would happen to 100 Things if I died tomorrow. The truth is that although I know I’d die a happy person, I’d not thought about this question in the way I knew he meant it.

“The truth is Seb that yes your story has been inspirational, entertaining and has made a difference, but the way that it’s set up means that without you, there is no 100 Things. It ends when you die.”

Although I wanted to argue that 100 Things would continue beyond me, the realization that it would be near impossible for anyone to continue on the movement as it is, made me stop and think.

“There’s no structure, mate.”

My friend was right and although a little daunting at first, his question was perfect- it made me realize something that I hand’t noticed before! It made me realize that I wanted 100 Things to become much more than a momentary source of entertainment/inspiration. I want it to be long-lasting and something that makes a huge difference to society as a whole.

With this goal now set in my mind, it was a matter of making it happen. Instantly, I was committed to making this happen. If I was to die tomorrow, I’m going to make sure that 100 Things is set up so that it continues to inspire, connect and change people’s lives.

But How?

The key word term is structure. It seems that I need to develop a system of operation that can be utilized and taken on by others. 100 Things needs to become an organization of sorts!

My journey to date has been simple and without structure. There is no system, safety net, or organization. My own naivety is one thing that I think has allowed me to do what it is has done. It’s been an organic process of which I am very proud. An internationally sold book, a highly sought-after motivational presentation and a soon to be announced TV opportunity are some of the recent developments that support the fact that people around the world now use the 100 Things journey as a source of inspiration and light in their own lives. Good things are happening. We’ve raised over $60,000 for Camp Quality and it seems that the skies the limit. Each day I’m approached by someone within a unique industry who wants to either help, collaborate, utilize or join this movement. In the habit of saying YES to most things, these interactions add more fuel to the fire and it’s an inferno that although amazingly raw, now needs to be slightly controlled. That’s my spur of the moment metaphor. The fire needs direction otherwise it becomes too wild to handle. The potential is here, now all I have to do is utilize it.

This is where ‘structure’ might not be a bad thing. In fact I think it could be crucial.

Where do I start?

Having no business/organisational mind myself, this is a task that’s going to take a lot of collaboration. The wheels are now in motion. I’m not going into too much detail but let’s just say that things are happening slowly. This currently consumes my mind and in addition to what is already a busy lifestyle, my last 2 weeks have left me hanging off the ropes.

For example, I’ve just returned from giving a series of talks throughout Australia (including one in a remote town called Manangatang). I’ve kissed a celebrity. I’ve completed a bike race with a mate in a bike friendly wheelchair cart. I’ve designed the front cover to my book in time for the China and Taiwan release dates. I’ve met with a million (perhaps inaccurate) social entrepreneurs and foundation owners all of whom want to help me take 100 Things to the next level. I’ve replied to over a thousand emails in 7 days. I’ve upgraded my website. I’ve connected lots of people who have gone on to help each other. I’m training for Number 84- Complete an Ironman, and so regularly ride a bike at 5am. I’ve arranged 100 Things’ first community event as we ready ourselves to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2 days.  I’m throwing a fundraising evening in 3 days for Camp Quality. I’ve just done a string of interviews with some magazine and radio. At some stage I even try and eat!

It’s awesome, chaotic and miraculous all at the same time.

The point here though is that there is no structure and because of it I think I might explode.

Why am I telling you this? Well I’m not too sure.

I think I want to in some way give a reason for my lack of posting of the site recently. This will change. I just need to better manage my time and develop that all important structure.

It’s funny to  think that this blog once started as a place where I would update those who read it with simple developments of my journey as I attempted to tick off all 100 items from my list. It began by me sharing news that I’d ticked something from my list and that I’d met an amazing person in the process. Things quickly developed though. Soon I began talking of how 100 Things was developing into an online hub that allowed people to create and complete their own lists. The stories are endless and amazing. Soon after this, I began to talk about the idea of People Helping People and how proud I was that the journey was growing as it was. Now though, with recent developments, I’m not sure where one idea starts and another ends. Look at this post for example!

With that, perhaps this is a good point to finish on. I have identified that change is needed and I am committed to making it happens. In a nut shell, things are bang on track!

That’s what I should have said in the first place!

100 Things… What’s on your list?

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