February 7th, 2013… Email of the Week

Will never stop smiling at email like these!

” Hi Seb,

I was wandering around my local car boot market a few weeks ago, when I came across your book on a stall… I bought it because the blurb looked interesting, but once I started reading it I could not put it down. I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration to ‘live outside the square’ moreJ I have always been one to try new things, indeed I went through a ‘say yes to everything year’ two years ago – that was awesome, I took up Italian, learnt to play soccer, went back to uni – you know, just another year! Life has a habit of getting in the way though, and lately I have been feeling a little nose to the grindstone – and following your journey has given me new perspective!

I am in awe of your journey, don’t know if I quite have the stamina for a whole list – but I have picked out 5 ‘big things’ that I would like to do this year, so am currently training for a mini-triathlon, have signed on for a 32km charity walk to raise funds for our local rescue helicopter – and am even contemplating doing their annual ‘Hell on Wheels’ cycle tour fundraiser- go me! Your book really just reminded me that life is in the living, not to get bogged down in the ‘expectations’ of society and your loved ones.

I look forward to following you as you continue on your ‘100 things’.

Cheers Emma

PS: I think what you are doing for Camp Quality is amazing, cancer is a beast of a disease, and especially cruel when it afflicts children. I loaned you book to a friend of mine Andrew, and he mentioned that he made a donation to Camp Quality as the royalties from new book sales go to them, and seeing as we both read a very secondhand copy I am off to do the same!!”

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.47.15 PM

Thanks for sharing Emma and well done on all your great work!

100 Things… What’s on your list?

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