February 24th, 2012… 100 Things Spreads It’s Wings

What a Week!

Guess what? I’m on a plane.. again. Luckily though I quite like flying as it gives me a moment to reflect and in a week that has seen the message of 100 Things spread it wings around Australia and further afield into Europe, it’s certainly a good time to have a good think about everything. Europe I hear you say? Well I just found out that the 100 Things documentary which I thought was going top be released in Europe in April was actually aired in Germany two nights ago. How did I find out? Well my inbox has been inundated with lovely emails from people scattered throughout Germany who have all congratulated and thanked me for what I’m doing! I feel quite stupid that I had no idea!

As you might know Ive just begun a speaking/workshop ‘roadshow’ in Australia that sees me giving 19 presentations about my 100 Things journey in a 5 week period. Now in it’s second week, I’m happy to say that the last 3 days of speaking in Adelaide have been just amazing. I’m very fortunate to be able to invited to speak to various groups and each time I step on stage I get that feeling that something special is about to happen.

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Feature article in the International Foxtel Magazine

One question I asked this morning at my last presentation in Adelaide was ‘What is on your list?. It’s a question I ask everybody. At first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking that a ‘bucket-list’ or ‘to-do’ list is a gimmicky way of listing down adrenalin fueled activities that make you sweat at the sheer thought, but what has become clear is that the concept of creating a list is really the offering of an opportunity to work out not simply ‘what’ it is that you want to do, but ‘how’ you want to be. It could well be that material gain is something important to you but in a crowded and animated room this morning where answers of ‘Going on holiday!’ and ‘Learning a language!’ were kindly shared, the one moment where everybody fell silent into deep thought was when one man shared his one goal with us all. Answering what it was that he wanted to do, he simply replied ‘I want to hug my Dad’.

Everyone’s list is different. We each have a different make-up and our personalities are all so different. From bungee jumping to making an emotional connection with a loved one, who are we to say what is right or wrong. The fact is that right and wrong does not exist when it comes to personal fulfillment. The only mistake we can actually make is that we don’t give ourselves permission to actually think about the question in the first place. When we do give ourselves permission, the key is that we try to understand who we are at a primal level. Of all the answers I’ve heard in the last few days, ‘To hug my Dad’ was the one that I loved the most. It took bravery, honesty and deep introspection to realize this goal and I, like everyone else in the room, knew that this was special. This is what we all need to do.

If you haven’t considered what is on your list yet, please do. It’s a cleansing process like no other.

So outside now of having to now learn German so that I can respond to the bank of emails that I have to negotiate when I land, I should say that I’m only now realizing the magnitude of the opportunity presented through the global release of the 100 Things documentary. Titled ’100 Things To Do Before You Die’, I do know that it is about to be shown in Taiwan before a mass release to all other South East Asian regions and again through greater Europe. In terms of Australia, well we all have to wait to March 8th where I’ll actually be throwing an official launch party in Manly, Sydney, where I live.

You are all cordially invited and so should you want to come and enjoy a night where we’ll be donating all money raised to Camp Quality., please get your tickets at the link below.


The plane is now descending which means I have to go. Until next time; What’s on your list?

100 Things :)

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