April 19th, 2013… Email of the Week

This email, received this morning, has left me smiling ear to ear. Why? Well it stands for everything that this journey is truly about; acting upon a realisation of happiness and spreading the message.

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I hope you enjoy it and find some inspiration- it’s blown me away!


We just want to write you to let you know that you have inspired us – 2 girls from the opposite part of the world, to start a crazy, fun business together…
In December 2011 I bought your book as an “extra” christmas present in case I had forgotten someone on christmas day, as it was the perfect gift for any age or gender. It ended up that I had been well organised and bought all my pressies correctly – so I got to keep it! I read it and was mesmerised from the first page. I absolutely loved your journey and wanted to share it with everyone!
I told my friend Ash about it and that I would give it to her when I finished. She was off to Thailand so I hurried to finish it off. I ended up taking a taxi to her place at 1.30 am to leave the book at her door step for her to find as a surprise before her trip (sorry, snagged a sale of you there). She loved it. When she came back we decided to share our bucket lists over a coconut drink on the balcony and it became a very memorable night of laughter and inspiration.
It was then we realized that we both had “start a business with a friend” on our list!
With both of us having a huge lust to travel it wasn’t too long we worked out that we wanted to create a unique travel journal for backpackers and globetrotters to capture their stories in a fun & easy way. A year later we have just finished the book named Swept away by WANDERLUST, and it is now off to print. The book is filled with fun questions, quirky writing prompts and encouraging to-do notes, as well as beautiful photography and inspiring quotes – for everyone to capture all their memories and experiences and insert Their own Story.
When reading your book we both read a line in your book that we really loved “Find out what life is like without comfort”. Because we owe a large part of our collaboration to you we wanted to put it in our book as a memory. We would like to ensure this is ok with you, and you don’t mind. You are quoted amongst big leaders like Buddah and Eleanor Roosevelt – now that’s almost a tick on the list  ;)
Being strangers we should also let you know that we have actually met! We attended one of the Camp Quality charity events a few months back. We are very good friends with Salleigh Olsen the artist (the book went to her after us :) and Ash was in the competition to down the ferrero rocher’s!
You can see and read more about the business at www.axelandash.com We would be stoked if you want to like our facebook page, as following yours definitely keeps us entertained. Hopefully we can do the same for you ;)

We are having a launch party at Berkelouw bookstore in Paddington (Sydney) on Friday May 10th @ 7pm. It will be a great celebration and we would absolutely love it if you could make it - if your not out ticking off one of your items ;)

Thank you for inspiring us to follow our hearts. 
Hanna & Ashleigh”

I’m going to try my best to get to their book launch and a huge well done to both of the girls for simply doing!

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