23rd May, 2013… Email of the Week- Brendon

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It’s emails like these that I truly believe show us all how simple life should be. It’s not about WHAT we do, it’s about WHY we do. And if our reasoning and our actions work together, the results have the potential to change lives. I look forward to seeing what happens with this one.

“Hi Seb, 

I saw you speak in Sydney at the Felix convention and was truly blown away by your attitude to life and what you were doing.
The next day i was flying back on the plane to the gold coast starting to think about what i had done in my life that helped other’s and made me happy, apart from the best things which where having three children young and being married to an amazing woman not much else really jumped into my mind, so i starting to wonder about what really made me happy, and it came to me i love to exercise, and compete in events, so from the 1st week in January 2014 i am competing in 52 obstacle and endurance events in 52 weeks, yes 1 per week for the whole year, i have set myself a goal to Raise $52,000 for Beyondblue to raise awareness for Depression and anxiety, the reason i have chosen to give to this charity is because my wife suffered from depression after having each of our 3 children, i saw how hard her battle was with this silent killer, but to her credit, through exercise and lifestyle changes she was able to stop taking the medication that is so freely given out and obtain her goals and live a healthy and active life. 
These events are being held all over Australia, and i would like to extend an invitation to you to come along and join in one of the events i will be participating some of the events are to be run in teams and i would really love to have you as a member for your enthusiasm and outlook on life. 
I am just a normal everyday person with no amazing abilities or profile that just wants to show my children that if you really want to achieve something, don’t let other people say you can’t and go out and do what makes you happy, and also to be able to give to the people that are suffering from this illness some hope!
It would be great to be able to discuss this further with you if you are interested
Yours truly, 
Brendon- you’re a legend- and of course I’m interested! Check your inbox :)
I’m inspired.
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