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Not long ago I received an email form a lovely guy named James Thomas. The email, as you’ll read below, is very touching but what strikes me as particularly incredible is how a moment of darkness in his life acted as the catalyst for something so bright and positive.
Life is about choices, the key is making positive ones.
“G’Day Seb,
Firstly I just want to say that I have been meaning to write you a message for ages now but never knew what to say, its a new year so time to make some changes and just write from the heart.
Seb I read your story and immediately something was triggered inside I felt like I was reading a similar story to mine. My name is James Thomas I’m 32, happily married and have a son. I live in NSW in a place called Pitt Town which is on the Hawkesbury, Gods country!
I just wanted to tell you a small part of my story, on my 31st birthday 2011 my mother was unexpectedly taken from us, and for the first time in my life i actually felt REAL pain to the point where I honestly never thought I would be the same again. In that I realised I wasn’t to happy with my life, I absolutely hated what I did for work, I ran my own business and that consumed so much of me that there wasn’t much time for anything else. (Mum & family included)
After doing some soul searching I realised I needed to make some changes and on the 9th December 2012 I sold my business to one of my employees it’s the best thing I have ever done. A week later my family and I headed to the U.S.A for a month and absolutely loved it.
I have a real desire to make a difference in this world and whilst visiting Disneyland I feel that my greatest idea had finally arrived!
“What If I could get as many kids as possible to Disneyland that have suffered the loss of a parent or sibling I asked myself”
Its been five months since our trip and since returning we’ve been hard at it. My wife and I have started a foundation called Feel The magic.
Our Mission is to brighten the lives of kids who have suffered the loss of a loved one. We do this by raising money to send the kids and remaining parent to the most magical place on earth Disneyland.
We have our first family ready to go a, Mother with three beautiful daughters all under the age of 11 who lost there father/husband to cancer.
Feel the Magic is holding a fundraising event for the family on the 9th November and I can not wait. I would love to have you and as many 100 Things followers at this event as possible, its going to be a great night.
Seb I haven’t been so passionate or had purpose about anything in a long time, it scares me and excites me which is a good thing.
They say things happen for a reason, I can honestly say I have finally arrived at a place now where I understand why my Mother was taken so suddenly, it was the kick in the you know what to make me wake up to myself and really start living the life that I desire. 
Thank you for the inspiration.
Live Life.
P.S I will let you know once the Feel The Magic Website is launched along with all other social media pages. This will hopefully happen with in the next month.”
Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 10.31.33 AM
Finding purpose in life is surely the one thing we all strive for. It’s crucial. When that purpose also involves helping others, there is nothing sweeter.
Well done James- you’re a legend!
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