Seizing the Moment…. and Realising It!

I just read this email from a brave and adventurous girl who I think lives in a way that we could all learn from.

No one will ever be regretful of chasing their dreams, only not chasing them. The idea of taking a moment to realise this is an important step and if at that stage you can look back at a life that makes you smile; well I don’t think anything is more important.

As Kylie explains, sometimes though it takes a dark moment for us to take this moment.

Thanks for sharing Kylie!

“Hey Seb,

I guess I should start by saying I’m halfway through your book and absolutely love it. It was given to me just a little over a month ago while I was laying in bed in a strange Canberra hospital on life support after a relapse with a rare neuromuscular disease.┬áSounds a bit funny that one of my mates would give me a book while I’m laying completely sedated on a vent but I’m sure glad they did!

You see, I was diagnosed when I was 14 and it took away everything I thought was so important at the time. All sports, running around with friends all the time, and my spirit. Thankfully though somewhere along the line I found my spirit again and started putting all my time and effort into organizations and leadership. Anyway, I try and spend all of my good days/times doing everything I possibly can while I can! So your book was the perfect pick me up after a year of remission, going on a mission trip to Haiti, studying abroad in Australia, and traveling to Fiji on break, to end my trip in a hospital completely foreign to me, completely alone and scared sh%tless.

I started to question whether my passion to travel and be adventurous was worth it but after reading your book and thinking about my life I can honestly say that if I were to die at 20 years old in Australia, after one of the best semesters living the Aussie life, I would be happy and it would all have been worth it.

So mainly I wanted to say thank you for giving me back hope that it is worth living your dreams.

Best of luck! And if you’re ever in Indiana (which I don’t know why you ever would be unless you’re into corn or NASCAR?) you have a place to stay!


Kylie :)

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