100 Things- good for the workplace!

One of the most interesting questions I field with corporate bosses inviting me to speak to their staff is this;

“We’re looking forward to hear you speak but can you please ensure that our staff don’t quit tomorrow so they can go and travel!?”

The simple answer is YES, but it’s a point worth discussing.

Although my own story involves events and activities outside the norm of a typical 9-5 job, it’s the principal behind my actions that have merit, not the actions themselves. At no point would I ever suggest that anyone should skydive naked, marry a stranger in Vegas or attempt stand-up comedy (3 items from my list), but I do though encourage people to ask what is important to them and in doing so, find purpose in passion in their lives, be it personal, professional or within the community.

Quite simply, identifying goals, committing to them and finding ways to achieve them is a principal that is extremely relevant to the work environment.

I received an email recently after I talk I gave to a large organisation that exemplifies exactly how powerful this message can be when seen the right way. Looking at this from a professional point of view (i.e if you’re a boss!), I think this is a great take-away point for any employee to have;

“Hi Seb,

You spoke to my self and about 400 other travel consultants today. Wanted to thank you personally, but they gave us time restrictions, so I unfortunately didn’t have time to say a very warm and regretful goodbye.

Your story has helped me realize and re-create a way to bring back my passion for what I do. And I can honestly say I will go home knowing I will think about how much I could change one or two or three people’s lives a day with just a simple bit of brilliant service and passion.

I could go on for ever with stories but I dont want to be a bore.

Good night and thanks, 


Passion for life comes from all that we do and if you can find purpose and enjoyment in what we do in the workplace, we’re halfway to helping ourselves, and others, live a a happier life.

100 Things… What’s on your list?

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