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If there’s one thing that’s blatantly clear from this journey of 100 Things, it’s that we all have goals, no matter who we are.

Now sure it would be easy to say that combined with determination and a willingness to commit, anything is possible, but in addition to these things I’ve also found out along the way the key to reaching a desired destination can sometimes come from influences far outside our own control, whether it be timing, opportunity or generosity.

A few weeks ago I received an amazing email from a lady named Michelle that highlights the importance of this idea- the power of others…. or as I like to call it; People Helping People.

The 100 Things website now encourages people to get online and share their goals and it’s in these instances where like-minded people share goals and dreams that special things can happen.

Michelle’s goal was to take her son to the recent Pink concert in Australia and this story will make you smile.

This is the email I opened up;

“As soon as P!nk announced she would be coming to Australia for the Truth About Love tour, I was focused on securing tickets.

I had exposed my 11yr old son to Pink’s music for many years, and he would often sing along with me in the car.  When the tickets were released both my mum and I were on the phone and online trying to secure tickets.  Unfortunately we had no luck.  I had even supported the campaign by a local radio station to bring P!nk to the Gold Coast for a concert.  Nothing…. Although a little disappointed, there was part of me that kept thinking it will work out – just like it did for the Funhouse tour.

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Fast forward to the middle of June and I was in Melbourne attending the “Happiness & its causes” conference.  Over the last few years I have become more and more interested in the science behind positive psychology and mindfulness, so I booked myself into the Melbourne conference.  It was while I was there that I received the email from Mick at Round-The-World Experts (a campaigner of the 100 Things weskit) who offered me 2 tickets to Pink’s concert on 10th July in Melbourne.  The “old me”, that is, the pre “100 things campaigner me” would have made a rational decision to pass up the offer due to the logistics involved.  However, the “new me” thought that given we only have one life (that we know of), I had best make the most of every opportunity – so I gratefully accepted!  Besides, isn’t it the journey that is the most important?  It’s interesting how when you surround yourself with positivity and gratitude, it seems to multiply!

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As my mum was travelling overseas and not available for the concert, it was a no-brainer to take my son to experience his first ever concert.  I didn’t tell him what we were doing, just that we were going on a trip to reward him for his outstanding school report card.  We had a whirlwind 24hrs to Melbourne and back for the concert.  It even coincided with my birthday week so another reason to celebrate!  Pink definitely did not let us down.  Not only is she a fantastic musician, but she’s an amazing athlete too.  I truly believe there is no better live performer than Pink in the world today.

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So how did my son enjoy his first concert?  He was spellbound by the show, the crowd, and the music.  The fact he was clapping and singing along speaks volumes for how much he enjoyed it.  It is moments like these that are truly priceless.  To that end, I owe Mick at Round-the-World Experts a very BIG thank you!!

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Whether it’s a big goal or a small goal, the power of people coming together and sharing goals in undeniable. We s people naturally have a ability to both achieve things and help others do the same. Well done Mick on making dreams come true.

Mick, by the way is coincidentally the very same man who approached me about 4 months ago with the very kind offer of organising a travel package to the Kokoda Trek for people on my website. Saying YES immediately, I’m glad to say that thanks to Mick’s offer and of course the commitment of an adventurous bunch of campaigners on the 100 Things site, I’ll be leading 17 of us to Kokoda in just under 4 weeks!

Check out what else Mick does at RTW Experts HERE.

People Helping People…… Pass it on!

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