Can we help 2 brave boys in Brisbane? Please read!

There are times in life where for a brief and special moment you’re able to see something with so much clarity that you can’t help but react to it with 100% of your energy and passion.

This has just happened for me.

This morning I received an email from a lady who I’ve met just once, after I spoke to a group a few moths ago. Compelled to reach out to someone, her email instantly moved me and I feel not just compelled to share it, but help her.

“Hi Sebastian,  

I met you at a conference in Melbourne and was truly amazed by your strengths and positive attitude to life.. I was wondering if I could ask for any ideas or help.. 

I have autistic twins who have battled adversity from day 1 and yet never judge or complain about being hard done by. I have devoted my whole life to their world and now they are about to graduate yr 12 with a pass, yet 6 months ago the school tried to make me pull them out as they looked like not passing and the school said they have a 100% pass rate so they would need to finish elsewhere.. 

I dug my heels in and said no and guess what? They did it.. my boys passed!

You would not believe the adversity they have battled.. They are the most amazing young men.. They are my every day..

Is there any contacts you have that could help with a beauty n the geek style makeover?? 

I don’t want money from people, I would just love help with making them look the part on their big day.. Thank you so much I know how extremely busy you are..

I have never been one to ask for help but it breaks my heart… 

Thank you, 


100 Things used to be about me and my list. Over recent years though it’s thankfully become about something much bigger. It’s outgrown a ‘bucket-list’ concept and has become a movement of people not just identifying and reaching their own goals, but also helping one another to reach certain goals, big or small.

As soon as I read the above email, I rang M and spoke to her. She is an amazing mother with a emotional story that has touched me. In a moment of clarity that is running through my body as I type, I have told her that I will do everything possible to help.

Asking her for a wish list of what she’d like, she simply said;

“I want my boys to experience something special. They never have before. If they could get a haircut and a suit each, I’d be over the moon”

This is my purpose, to help Martine. Not only do i think we can get her boys a haircut and a suit each, but I think we can get them the full treatment!

I am therefore asking anyone out there whether they can help with any of the following:


1) 2 x haircuts/makeovers

2) 2 x suits

3) A limousine to pick up the boys and take them to the formal

4) A date for one of the boys who has had trouble plucking up the courage to ask someone out.


The formal is on November 12th and is in Brisbane.

If you’re reading this and you’d like to help, please contact me on

I think together we can make something special happen. Thanks in advance!


People helping people.


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