What’s On Your List for 2014?

It’s 2013, but not for long. In a year that has offered so much, I sit here smiling at what has gone before now.

On personal reflection I finally managed to face an over from Shane Warne (#84) and not long after I crawled across the finish line at the Port Macquarie Ironman (#86). These two items were incredible. I must say though that it was the handing over a $100,000 cheque to Camp Quality (#4) and helping two special boys get to their school formal more recently that fill me with the greatest sense of accomplishment. With new friends and new horizons, 100 Things has now already raised over $40,000 for Alzheimer’s Australia, our new charity partner, and the growing momentum and positivity of 100 Things has seen me speak to tens of thousands of people across the globe about the concepts of purpose, goal setting and helping others. My book ‘100 Things’ was translated this year into a few more languages and there was even a documentary about this movement released globally with Discovery Networks UK named ‘100 Things to Do Before You Die’. The message is spreading.

I think I’ve found my purpose and 100 Things remains not just an idea or a quirky concept, but instead my life and my passion. I’m proud, happy and excited that it’s far outgrown 100 simple items on a piece of paper and now effects and inspires people far and wide on levels that I could never have imagined when I started. I would not dream of changing a thing.

But now, with complete gratitude for an amazing year, it’s time to look forward to 2014 with complete focus.

What is next? What do I want to do? How do I want to be? What would I love to happen? 

Incredible questions that we all get to ask ourselves at any moment in time, the best part being the realisation that all of these answers are entirely up to us. Everything we do in life comes down that simple notion of choice. We can make anything happen, the key though is first identifying what it is that we want to change and in deed what it is we want to do, or be. Give your self a moment now if you need. Once we’ve identified these things, we can then pull the trigger and commit! It’s then about enjoying the ride, no matter what route you take. Commitment and perspective though are crucial. The route after all is something we figure out along the way. This is the fun part.

I believe that each and every day a million opportunities to do all the things we desire pass right under our noses. Armed with purpose, belief and presence of mind, we begin to see these vehicles of opportunity and we’re able to jump on board and ride them to where we want to be. It’s kind of like jumping into a passing car headed to (or very close to) your desired destination. It’s that easy but because many of us are not sure where it is we want to go in the first place, we miss our ride and remain in the same place we started, one million times a day, without even knowing it.

Now I am proof that it does’t take a smart person to jump on these rides, but it does take a thoughtful and committed person. We can all be this, we just have to choose so.

So before the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, 2014, take the time to think where it is you want to go, what it is you want to be and what your ideal world looks like. When you’ve identified these things, commit to them with gusto and an open mind. With the right mindset you’ll start to notice a few more opportunities pass your way and when this occurs, take that next step and jump on board. It may seem strange, but if you want to make 2014 a year of accomplishment, why not try it? You never know- you may end up exactly where you want to be.

I’ll be sharing my goals in the next few days and I’d love to hear yours too.

100 Things… What’s on your list? 

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